[First Reprint]

SENATE, No. 2065







Sponsored by:


District 5 (Camden and Gloucester)


District 14 (Mercer and Middlesex)

Assemblywoman  ANNETTE QUIJANO

District 20 (Union)

Assemblyman  RUBEN J. RAMOS, JR.

District 33 (Hudson)


District 14 (Mercer and Middlesex)

Assemblyman  WAYNE P. DEANGELO

District 14 (Mercer and Middlesex)


Co-Sponsored by:

Senators Ruiz, Whelan, Assemblymen Fuentes, O'Donnell, Caputo, Johnson, Assemblywoman Tucker, Assemblymen Conaway, Schaer, Assemblywoman Riley, Assemblyman Greenwald, Assemblywomen Pou, Spencer, Assemblymen Giblin, Burzichelli, Assemblywomen Quigley, Wagner, Assemblyman Benson and Assemblywoman Lampitt






     Provides for development of searchable “Bulletin NJ” local public bidding and employment database.



     As amended on March 21, 2011 by the Senate pursuant to the Governor's recommendations.


An Act concerning the development of a searchable local public bidding 1[and employment database] database for procurement opportunities published by contracting units and boards of education1 and supplementing P.L.1971, c.198.


     Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


     1.    a.  The 1Division of Local Government Services in the1 Department of Community Affairs, in consultation with the Office of Information Technology, shall design, develop, and maintain a single, searchable Internet database, to be known as “Bulletin NJ,” that contains and displays information on 1[employment opportunities,]1 requests for proposals1[,]1 and other government procurement opportunities published by a contracting unit 1or a board of education, as defined by N.J.S.18A:18A-21

     b.    Each entry in the Internet database shall include 1[the following: 

     (1)   a detailed description of the services required;

     (2)   the format and procedure to be followed in submitting proposals;

     (3)   the specific information which qualified vendors must provide in the proposal;

     (4)   a statement setting forth the relative importance of factors, including cost, which the contracting unit will consider in evaluating a proposal submitted by a qualified vendor;

     (5)   the date and time of day by which, and the place at which, the proposals shall be submitted to the contracting unit; and

     (6)   any other information which the contracting unit deems appropriate] information as required pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the Division of Local Government Services.1

     c.     In addition to the requirements specified in subsection a. of this section, the Internet database shall:

     (1)   be accessible from the 1[Department of Community Affairs] Division of Local Government Services1 Internet website;

     (2)   display all of the information 1[enumerated] required1 by subsection b. of this section;

     (3)   be 1[organized primarily] searchable1 by the name of the contracting unit 1or board of education1 publishing the request for proposals;

     (4)   be reviewed and updated at least once per month or more frequently as new information becomes available or changes are necessary; and

     (5)   provide an opportunity for the public to submit input and feedback concerning the utility of the Internet database and recommendations for its improvement.

     d.    All contracting units 1[are directed to submit information on all employment opportunities and requests for proposals to the Department of Community Affairs and the Office of Information Technology in order to comply with the requirements of this section. Any changes to a request for proposals or in the status of the request shall be promptly reported to the Department of Community Affairs] and boards of education, as defined by N.J.S.18A:18A-2, are directed to submit information as required pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the Division of Local Government Services1.

     e.     Nothing in this section shall require the disclosure of information deemed confidential by State or federal law.

     1f.    Nothing in this section shall be interpreted to invalidate or otherwise impact an otherwise valid contract entered in to pursuant to the "Local Public Contracts Law," P.L.1971, c.198 (C.40A:11-1 et seq.) or the "Public School Contracts Law," N.J.S.18A:18A-1 et seq.1


     12.   The Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs shall adopt, pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.), rules and regulations to effectuate the purposes of this act.1


     1[2.] 3.1  This act shall take effect immediately, but section 1 shall remain inoperative until 1[July 1, 2011.] March 1, 2012.  The Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs may take such anticipatory administrative action in advance thereof as shall be necessary for the implementation of this act.1