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Main Bill Information
2016-2017 Legislative Session
Total records: 292
Page 1 of 15

Senate Budget and Appropriations
A40 Increases New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit to 40 percent of federal benefit amount beginning in Tax Year 2016.
A191 Requires school buildings to be equipped with emergency light and panic alarm linked to local law enforcement.
A209 Excludes certain increases in school security expenditures from the tax levy cap applicable to school districts.
A333 Ensures project deadline fairness, enhances transparency, and establishes foreclosure protection and mortgage relief program for Superstorm Sandy- impacted victims.*
A374 Prohibits MVC from imposing duplicate license or identification card fee and digitized picture fee if duplicate is requested to reflect change in organ donor status.
A450 Wounded Warrior Caregivers Relief Act; Provides income tax credit to family caregivers of certain armed service members with physical disabilities.
A837 Establishes "Hazardous Drug Safe Handling Act;" requires promulgation of standards and regulations concerning safe handling of hazardous drugs by certain health care personnel.*
A846 Allows person with allergy to drugs or medications to voluntarily make notation on drivers license.
A883 Requires bidder on State contract to be evaluated on report of its gender-based pay equity and job equality standards for its employees.
A1130 Requires DHS to give priority to temporary rental assistance over use of hotels or motels in emergency assistance to Work First New Jersey recipients.
A1668 Establishes New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and Business Partnerships.
A1757 Requires public institutions of higher education to waive or reimburse application fees and transcript fees for veterans and members of the military.
A1761 Creates fencing crime involving stolen domestic companion animals.
A1869 Establishes Division of Minority and Women Business Development and State Chief Disparity Officer to monitor efforts to promote participation by minority-owned and women-owned businesses in State contracting.
A1921 Requires DEP to offer to purchase and demolish certain contaminated residential property.
A1933 Requires managed care plans, SHBP, and SEHBP to provide for reasonable accommodation in accessing providers for persons with physical disabilities.
A1953 Allows installment payments for senior and disabled property taxpayers to repay overpayments of homestead credits and homestead property tax reimbursements.
A2098 Establishes "Veterans Affordable Housing Section 8 Voucher Pilot Program."
A2221 Allows gross income taxpayers to use returns to make voluntary contributions to the Boy Scouts of America Councils in New Jersey.
A2228 Includes all disabled veterans in NJT discount program for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.




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