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   Bills 2014-2015


Main Bill Information
2014-2015 Legislative Session
Total records: 262
Page 1 of 14

Senate Budget and Appropriations
A222 Establishes that payment plan for motor vehicle surcharges is mandatory upon request; extends payment period.
A387 Makes consent to register with Selective Service part of driver's license application process for males under age 26.
A683 Requires mail-in ballot applications be available at polling places on election day for voting in future elections; requires establishment of Intrnet webpages to provide instructions for completing mail-in ballot applications.*
A804 Allows certain State agencies to sell Internet advertisements on agencies' websites as pilot program.*
A810 Exempts veterans' organizations from nonprofit corporation annual report filing fee.
A943 Permits small businesses to qualify for loans from NJEDA for costs of energy audit and making energy efficiency or conservation improvements.
A974 Authorizes creation of special Phi Beta Sigma license plates.
A984 Enhances penalty for tampering with evidence after fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in death.
A1110 Imposes moratorium on DHS transitions and transfers of certain individuals with developmental disabilities to new residential placements until certain conditions are met. *
A1275 Authorizes prescribed burning in certain circumstances.
A1315 Allows person with allergy to drugs or medications to voluntarily make notation on drivers license.*
A1338 Establishes pilot program within Office of Emergency Management to provide zero-interest loans to certain gas stations that install appropriate wiring for generators.
A1783 "Art Therapist Licensing Act."
A1808 Requires corporations qualifying for certain State development subsidy grants to repay entire grant amount if corporation fails to uphold grant terms.*
A2026 Realigning the transfer inheritance tax payment due date to coincide with the payment due dates for State and federal estate taxes.
A2074 Revises law concerning the purchase of scrap metal.
A2202 Permits inclusion of volunteer firefighters and other emergency responders within municipal eligible employee group for purposes of the small employer health benefits plan statutes.
A2299 Requires municipalities to exempt 100% disabled veterans from construction permit surcharge fees for improvements to promote living unit accessibility; appropriates $20,000 for municipal reimbursements.
A2689 Requires State to offer surplus State Police vehicles to certain volunteer fire and emergency service organizations.
A2924 Modernizes the distribution of gross income tax refunds by making direct deposit the default distribution method.




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