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Main Bill Information
2016-2017 Legislative Session
Total records: 79
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Assembly Budget
A207 Provides sales and use tax rebate for certain purchases made by, or on behalf of, individuals and small businesses affected by natural disasters.
A324 Establishes surplus revenue reserve account in the Property Tax Relief Fund if certain levels of unanticipated gross income tax revenue are collected.
A337 Increases gross income tax exclusion for certain pension, annuity, and retirement income to $45,000.
A390 Doubles amount of certain retirement income that may be excluded from gross income under gross income tax, eliminates income cap on exclusion.
A423 Exempts principal residences from the transfer inheritance and estate taxes.
A466 "Holocaust Reparations Tax Exemption Act"; exempts value of certain payments to Holocaust survivors and their eligible descendants from transfer inheritance and estate taxes.
A495 Allows Hurricane Sandy victims to claim gross income tax deduction for certain personal casualty losses.
A524 Authorizes innocent spouse relief under the gross income tax.
A545 Requires distribution of homestead benefits on or before October 31 of the State fiscal year during which an appropriation is made.
A611 Eliminates transfer inheritance tax on Class C beneficiaries and increases filing threshold and applicable exclusion amount for New Jersey estate tax to $1,500,000.
A726 Establishes annual sales tax holiday for certain sales of personal computers and certain sales of school supplies and equipment during first full weekend of August.
A748 Prohibits investment by State of pension and annuity funds in hedge funds and derivative contracts.
A754 Increases pension and retirement income exclusions under gross income tax for certain taxpayers.
A972 Eliminates the New Jersey inheritance tax and repeals chapters 33 through 37 of Title 54 of the Revised Statutes.
A1003 Eliminates the New Jersey Transfer Inheritance Tax and repeals parts of chapters 33 through 37 of Title 54 of the Revised Statutes.
A1035 Directs State Comptroller to identify and recommend certain programmatic budget reductions for certain State agencies, authorities, and instrumentalities.
A1048 Expands duties of State Auditor to include performance audits at request of legislator; establishes Performance Audit Committee, consisting of eight public members, to help conduct performance audits.
A1059 Phases out estate tax over five-year period.
A1062 Reduces gross income tax rates by ten percent over three years.
A1078 Tax Relief for New Jersey Families Act; provides income tax credits for property tax relief, quadruples the homestead property tax credit and increases the earned income tax credit.




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