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Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 93
Page 1 of 5

Assembly Commerce and Economic Development
A102 Provides tax credit under corporation business tax and gross income tax for certain costs incurred in purchase and installation of certain environmentally responsible business equipment.
A114 Provides corporation business tax credit and gross income tax credits for purchase and installation of certain electric vehicle charging stations.
A126 Establishes manufacturing machine and metal trade apprenticeships tax credit program.
A158 Allows certain self-employed business owners to deduct their own pension plan contributions from gross income under the gross income tax.
A256 Changes State assistance to urban enterprise zones over seven years by increasing reduced sales tax in enterprise zones and dedicating increase to zone municipalities.
A290 "Home-Based Jobs Creation Act"; classifies certain home businesses as accessory uses needing no use variances in residential zone; authorizes municipalities to limit or exclude certain warehousing, manufacturing, or retailing activities.
A299 Prohibits awarding of economic development subsidy to business if payment of principal and interest on previously awarded loan or loan guarantee is greater than 24 months overdue.
A368 Amends Health Enterprise Zone law to allow municipalities more discretion in granting property tax exemptions to medical offices.
A369 Expands eligible municipalities under the "Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act" to include Harrison Town in Hudson County.
A395 "Garden State Manufacturing Jobs Act."
A396 Provides corporation business tax credits and gross income tax credits for purchase of certain compressed natural gas vehicles.
A487 Dedicates 30 percent of all UEZ sales tax revenues to respective UEZ account and 70 percent of UEZ sales tax revenues to General Fund.
A518 Excludes gains on sales of certain real estate purchases from taxation under corporation business tax and gross income tax.
A755 Authorizes creation of 33rd urban enterprise zone in Belleville Township.
A836 Requires development of manufacturing business attraction, expansion, and retention marketing plan for areas located in certain counties within southern New Jersey.
A900 Provides assistance to manufacturing businesses by having certain State agencies promote economic development and identify credentials needed for careers in modern manufacturing.
A903 The Revitalizing the New Jersey Real Estate Market and Economy Act; Allows gross income tax deductions for a measure of inflation and growth in the value of certain property dispositions for a five-year period.
A908 Provides tax credits for performing certain repairs on primary residences of senior citizens or persons with disabilities.
A945 Revises law concerning sexually oriented businesses.
A947 Prevents use of condemnation to acquire residential and other private property under redevelopment laws.




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