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Main Bill Information
2016-2017 Legislative Session
Total records: 121
Page 1 of 7

Assembly Commerce and Economic Development
A124 Allows certain self-employed business owners to deduct their own pension plan contributions from gross income under the gross income tax.
A167 Authorizes creation of 33rd urban enterprise zone in Belleville Township.
A195 Provides grants to eligible businesses equal to 5% of annual base salary of new employees hired under employment grant component of Invest in New Jersey Business Grant Program.
A196 Provides tax credit under corporation business tax and gross income tax for certain costs incurred in purchase and installation of certain environmentally responsible business equipment.
A197 Allows corporation business tax credits as incentives for redevelopment of distressed shopping centers.
A216 Prohibits businesses that outsource jobs overseas from receiving State contracts or grants; prohibits investment of State funds in such businesses.
A241 Allows exclusion of certain alternative energy and energy conservation patent income under gross income tax and corporation business tax.
A276 Provides that certain permits and approvals for critical infrastructure projects must be acted upon within 45 days.
A296 Provides assistance to manufacturing businesses by having certain State agencies promote economic development and identify credentials needed for careers in modern manufacturing.
A299 The Revitalizing the New Jersey Real Estate Market and Economy Act; Allows gross income tax deductions for a measure of inflation and growth in the value of certain property dispositions for a five-year period.
A335 Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for businesses which employ eligible apprentices.
A363 Changes State assistance to urban enterprise zones over seven years by increasing reduced sales tax in enterprise zones and dedicating increase to zone municipalities.
A443 Provides certain small businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy a corporation business tax or gross income tax credit for certain reinvestment in Shore municipalities.
A540 Establishes Office of International Trade and Protocol in EDA.
A541 Establishes "Business Tax and Incentive Task Force."
A546 Lifts moratorium on new Business Employment Incentive Program grant awards and establishes "New Jersey Business Employment Incentive Program Task Force."
A615 Exempts sales of certain products from sales and use tax, and provides credits against corporation business and gross income taxes for certain small businesses that use New Jersey goods or agricultural produce.
A616 Modifies the gross income tax to enable the carryforward of capital losses and exclude capital gains from the sale of closely held businesses.
A617 Permits vapor lounges for use of electronic smoking devices to be opened under certain circumstances.
A657 Expands eligibility under the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act by broadening certain municipal qualifier provisions.




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