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Main Bill Information
2016-2017 Legislative Session
Total records: 126
Page 1 of 7

Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs
A143 Broadens eligibility for certain veterans' benefits by eliminating requirement of service during specified dates or in specified locations.
A194 Allows corporation business tax and gross income tax credits to businesses paying a salary differential to National Guard members or reservists on active duty.
A259 Authorizes free admission to State parks and forests for active and retired members of U.S. Armed Forces and their immediate family members.
A271 Requires in public schools instruction on the contributions of United States veterans and the observance of patriotic exercises on certain holidays.
A383 Prohibits public colleges from charging tuition to students who are parents, spouses or children of those killed, missing in action or disabled in Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom.
A388 Allows for a gross income tax deduction for any honorably discharged member of the US Armed Forces, reserve unit or national guard.
A458 Permits county clerk or register of deeds and mortgages to create Gold Star Parent identification card.
A461 Provides credits under corporation business tax and gross income tax for qualified wages of certain disabled veterans.
A674 Provides free tuition at public institutions of higher education for surviving spouses and dependent children of military personnel killed in performance of duties.
A732 Extends eligibility for $250 property tax deduction to veterans of Operation "Praying Mantis."
A767 Clarifies that certain former New Jersey National Guard members may be eligible for higher education tuition assistance.
A776 Establishes the "Veterans Court Pilot Program in several counties."
A786 Provides tuition benefits at public institutions of higher education for dependents of certain veterans.
A828 Waives certain commercial driver license fees for veterans and spouses of veterans.
A829 Waives certain professional and occupational licensing fees for veterans and spouses of veterans.
A942 Designates portion of State Highway Route No. 35 as "Chosin Few Memorial Highway."
A962 Makes General Fund supplemental appropriation of $350,000 to DMVA for Council on Armed Forces and Veterans' Affairs for preservation of military installations in case of base realignment and closure.
A964 Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for employing immediate family members of members of the Armed Forces of the United States who were killed in action.
A974 Requires State reimbursement to municipalities of cost of disabled veterans' total property tax exemption.
A977 Allows gross income tax filers to designate contributions to VetGroup, Inc. for services for veterans.




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