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Main Bill Information
2016-2017 Legislative Session
Total records: 62
Page 1 of 4

Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Reform and Federal Relations
A128 Revises "Administrative Procedure Act" concerning socio-economic impact statements for proposed rule-making.
A137 Requires applicants for liquor licenses and license transfers to notify residents within 200 feet of licensed premises.
A138 Prohibits certain sales of alcoholic beverages within 1,000 feet of schools or religious institutions.
A322 Expands scope of New Jersey Regulatory Flexibility Act dealing with economic impact of rules on small businesses.
A575 Directs AG to enter into agreement with U.S. Attorney General to empower certain corrections officers to investigate immigration status of inmates.
A792 Allows consumption of food on craft distillery premises.
A1109 Requires oversight reporting on Hurricane Sandy recovery funds.
A1243 Allows municipalities to acquire and sell inactive plenary retail consumption licenses.
A1600 Modernizes business filing statutes to include entity conversion and domestication.
A1601 Clarifies law authorizing application of reciprocal limitations against businesses from states that give in-state preference in awarding public contracts.
A1602 Concerns proof of workers' compensation coverage with certain legally required annual reports of employers.
A1604 Prohibits adoption of new rules exceeding federal standards unless specifically authorized by State law or necessary to protect public health, safety, or welfare.
A1726 Reduces the alcoholic beverage excise tax rate on liquor, wine, vermouth, sparkling wine, and hard cider and eliminates the dedication of that tax to the Health Care Subsidy Fund.
A1727 Removes plenary retail distribution license limit for certain stores.
A1728 Establishes limited retail religious distribution license.
A1776 Requires assessment of administrative penalty amount by administrative law judge for environmental violations.
A1777 Prohibits requiring domed roofs on storage tanks if alternative emissions reduction method for volatile organic compound emissions can be established.
A1778 Prohibits BPU review and approval of property transactions of certain telecommunications companies.
A1779 Eliminates New Jersey Law Revision Commission.
A1872 Imposes $0.25 surcharge on alcoholic beverages to be dedicated to Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund.




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