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Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 513
Page 1 of 26

Assembly State and Local Government
A104 Increases State appropriations to Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Fund by $387 million to restore municipal aid reductions from Fiscal Years 2009, 2010, and 2011.
A118 Provides general election, primary, and school election sample ballots may be sent to registered voter by electronic mail if so requested.
A140 Repeals sections of law pertaining to transfer of civil service and non-civil service employees of terminated local health agency to superseding agency.
A144 Eliminates seniority in Civil Service and other jurisdictions for reductions in force in certain circumstances.
A147 Expands range of local units eligible to join an insurance fund established by a municipality or county under certain circumstances.
A148 Replaces references to Civil Service Commission with chairperson of commission to clarify duties and responsibilities of chairperson.
A149 Expands scope of review of Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission.
A150 Provides that certain absentee ballots will be counted if received within ten days of election.
A155 Requires eligibility checklist and audit for enrollment in PERS of certain public employees who provide professional services; imposes fine on certifying officer or supervisor for ineligible enrollments.
A163 Requires certain documentation as proof of voter identity to vote; updates procedures for challenging voters regarding proof of identity.
A175 Requires electronic bulletin board on DCA website for local units to advertise shared services opportunities; requires development of computerized survey to match local units together to implement shared services.
A176 Requires suspension of local elected and appointed officers and employees indicted for certain offenses that, upon conviction, require forfeiture of office or position.
A177 Requires ELEC to provide ethics training for governmental affairs agents.
A178 Requires all elected or appointed local government officers to receive ethics training.
A179 Limits payment to certain public employees for accumulated sick leave upon retirement; requires fine and reprimand or termination for violation of sick leave by public employee.
A180 Creates "Comprehensive Anti-Nepotism Act."
A186 Prohibits dual government employment and office holding; requires pension forfeiture by convicted elected officials; bans use of campaign funds for criminal defense costs; revises legislative conflict of interest standards.
A187 Requires candidates keep detailed records of how campaign funds are spent for the ordinary and necessary expenses of holding public office.
A189 Establishes pilot project to install global positioning system (GPS) devices on certain State vehicles.
A190 Regulates receipt of things of value by members and employees of Legislature and officers and employees of Executive Branch.




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