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Main Bill Information
2018-2019 Legislative Session
Total records: 121
Page 1 of 7

Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities
A113 Provides corporation business tax credit for certain investment in broadband infrastructure in underserved communities.
A115 Requires telephone utility to temporarily suspend local exchange telephone service for up to six continuous months when requested by residential customer; allows customer to keep telephone number when resuming service.
A198 Requires public hearings concerning public utility rate increase to be conducted within two years of public utility's application for rate increase.
A203 Prohibits electric transmission company from constructing overhead electric transmission lines within 100 feet of buildings.
A239 Exempts rural electric cooperatives from requirement that electric and gas public utilities deposit unclaimed property into Unclaimed Utility Deposits Trust Fund.
A247 Requires electric public utilities to implement flood mitigation plans for certain electric distribution substations; prohibits rate increase pending implementation of flood mitigation plans.
A457 Establishes "Neighborhood Solar Energy Investment Program."
A510 Prohibits public utilities from recovering certain charges from customers.
A600 Prohibits public utility from terminating service for nonpayment unless customer is provided certified letter at least 10 business days prior to scheduled termination date.
A621 Requires electric distribution lines be located underground in areas affected by severe weather or natural disasters.
A722 Directs BPU to study whether State's electric distribution system meets certain standards.
A723 Prohibits public utility from filing rate increase petition under certain circumstances.
A733 Prohibits utility from billing customer for costs incurred for certain upgrades to utility infrastructure; allows costs for certain upgrades to utility infrastructure be recovered in utility's rate base.
A741 Requires public utility to reimburse business customer during period when business ceases operations due to utility repairing or replacing its equipment on business customer's property.
A816 Permits a joint meeting by the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees to review and veto utility rate increases approved by BPU.
A885 Requires electric utility bills to separately list the amount of State sales tax, societal benefits charge and transitional energy facility unit rate assessment surcharge.
A888 "New Jersey Residents' Power Protection Act"; requires use of emergency power generators by various facilities and businesses; provides related tax incentives.
A889 Provides gross income tax deduction for costs of purchasing and installing battery backups for certain home solar electrical generators.
A944 Establishes a New Jersey Coordinating Council on the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Generating Facilities.
A957 Requires BPU to provide funding for purchase and installation of photovoltaic technologies for age-restricted community clubhouse facilities from societal benefits charge.




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