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Back to School Program


Attention all 3-12 grade teachers...

The New Jersey State Legislature Office of Legislative Services and the New Jersey Center for Civics and Law-Related Education are joining to support

America’s Legislators
Back-to-School Program

New Jersey legislators will make special efforts to visit with school children, providing personal insights into the value of public service and the lawmaking process. They can address questions such as:

What does it mean to be a legislator?
What is a typical day like?
How did he/she get involved in public service and why?
What issues are he/she most concerned about and what action is being taken?
What efforts are he/she most proud of?
What advice does he/she give to future legislators?

Another presentation option could be a legislator-assisted mock debate and vote. This format will illustrate the concepts of debate, negotiation and compromise.

To schedule a visit, contact your local state representatives. To “Find Your Legislator” go to
For more information or assistance, please call 609-847-3130.




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