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Vol. XXXV No. 19 Internet Update I CALENDAR SUBJECT TO CHANGE 214th Legislature

Prepared: March 17, 2011 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule Second Annual Session

*Denotes Changes





New Jersey Law Revision Commission 4:30 PM

153 Halsey St., 7th Floor, Newark, NJ


MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011


SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session:

A910 [Chivukula, Upendra J.+2], High-volume, basic computing sys.-study

A974 [Johnson, Gordon M.], Domestic Security Task Force-expand memb

A1471 [Wisniewski, John S./Prieto, Vincent], Taxicab laws-makes sundry changes

A2032 [Johnson, Gordon M./Coutinho, Albert+1], Jr. Firemen's Auxiliaries-concerns

A2173 [Vainieri Huttle, Valerie/Stender, Linda], St. Dept.-estab. website, nonprofit info

A2849 [Burzichelli, John J./Quijano, Annette+2], BPU orders-written form post

on internet

A2920 [Wolfe, David W./Voss, Joan M.+4], Dating viol. policy-sch. dist. adopt

A3267 [Quijano, Annette/Ramos, Ruben J.+2], Boys and Girls Club of NJ-vol. contrib.

A3359 [Barnes, Peter J./Evans, Elease+6], Job vacancy ads-proh. excl. unemp people

A3722 [Coutinho, Albert/Spencer, L. Grace+13], MV franchises-revises provisions

A3766 [Cryan, Joseph/Bramnick, Jon M.+23], Market Competition, Consumer

Choice Act

ACR144 [Conners, Jack/Gove, DiAnne C.+4], Vet. plot allowance-Cong. fully fd.

ACR156 [Vainieri Huttle, Valerie/Tucker, Cleopatra G.+1], Leg. Review Panel,

St. Psych. Hosp-estab

AJR56 [Riley, Celeste M./Evans, Elease+20], American Red Cross Mo-desig. March

S221 [Kean, Sean T.+3], Fishing gear on artificial reefs-proh.

S508 [Girgenti, John A./Sacco, Nicholas J.+1], Youth mentoring prog.-estab.

grant prog.

S726 [Sacco, Nicholas J./Ciesla, Andrew R.], Emission control equip.-dealer disclose

S847 [Turner, Shirley K./Allen, Diane B.], Motor fuel dealers-display prices

S946 [Bateman, Christopher], MV viol. complaint-prov. time period

S972 [Allen, Diane B./Beach, James+1], Sexual assault victims-clarify exam cost

S1219 [Bucco, Anthony R.], Crimes on campus-report to loc. police

S1361 [Buono, Barbara], St. Dept.-estab. website, nonprofit info

S1392 [Weinberg, Loretta/Oroho, Steven V.+1], St. retir sys-training on enrollment req

S1643 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Van Drew, Jeff], Cats and dogs-concerns sterilization

S1730 [Norcross, Donald/O'Toole, Kevin J.+7], Pub. off. and emp.-reside in NJ

S1823 [Madden, Fred H./Kean, Sean T.+2], Taxicab laws-makes sundry changes

S1856 [Smith, Bob/McKeon, John F.+2], Stormwater runoff control-auth. measures

S1917 [Gordon, Robert M./Girgenti, John A.+1], Jr. Firemen's Aux.-perform cert. duties

S1918 [Gordon, Robert M.], High-volume, basic computing sys.-study

S2065 [Norcross, Donald/Greenstein, Linda R.+19], Bulletin NJ, bidding emp data base-devel

S2114 [Ciesla, Andrew R./Bucco, Anthony R.+3], Dating viol. policy-sch. dist. adopt

S2126 [Whelan, Jim/Haines, Philip E.+6], Solar/wind fac.-permitted on landfills

S2244 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Allen, Diane B.], Disab. student sch trans-flashing lights

S2285 [Bucco, Anthony R./Girgenti, John A.], Med oxygen prov-notify ff, stop delivery

S2295 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Chivukula, Upendra J.], Solid waste lic-prov.

disclosure exemp.

S2434 [Van Drew, Jeff/Allen, Diane B.], US flags, fly half-staff-Gov. direct

S2441 [Weinberg, Loretta/Sarlo, Paul A.], BPU orders-written form post on internet

S2443 [Vitale, Joseph F./Whelan, Jim+3], Medicaid Acct. Care Org. Demo Proj-estab

S2562 [Greenstein, Linda R./Gusciora, Reed+1], Pub. emp. asst. prog.-concerns

S2609 [Turner, Shirley K./Madden, Fred H.], Taxes, paid into St. disab benf. fd-adj.

S2637 [Girgenti, John A./Bateman, Christopher], Domestic Security Task Force-expand memb

S2653 [Rice, Ronald L.], Nominating petitions-extend deadline


MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011 (continued)


SENATE SESSION (continued)

S2664 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Sweeney, Stephen M.+6], Market Competition,

Consumer Choice Act

S2665 [Weinberg, Loretta/Beck, Jennifer+1], Status of women-repeal obsolete statutes

S2675 [Buono, Barbara/Ruiz, M. Teresa+2], Boys and Girls Club of NJ-vol. contrib.

S2704 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Kyrillos, Joseph M.+1], MV franchises-revises provisions

S2756 [Beach, James/Lesniak, Raymond J.], Mail-in-ballots-receive automatically

SCR129 [Beach, James/Connors, Christopher J.+3], Vet. plot allowance-Cong. fully fd.

SCR136 [Vitale, Joseph F./Codey, Richard J.], Leg. Review Panel, St. Psych.


SJR57 [Madden, Fred H./Greenstein, Linda R.], American Red Cross Mo-desig. March

SR75 [Whelan, Jim/Ciesla, Andrew R.], Sudden cardiac arrest-bd of ed prepare

SR82 [Kean, Sean T./Beck, Jennifer], Vet, Ft. Monmouth-post-deployment prog.


*Joint State Leasing and Space Utilization Committee Meeting 11:00 AM Committee Room 14, 4th Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton NJ

NPL 3643EDA;3705EDA; 3790EDA;3793EDA;3841EDA:3796NJBA




Assembly Budget Committee (Budget Hearings Only) Hearing 9:30 AM Camden County College, Blackwood Campus,

311 College Drive, Blackwood, NJ

Chair: Asm. Greenwald, Louis D.

The Assembly Budget Committee will hold a public hearing on the Fiscal Year 2012 State Budget. TOPICS: Public Safety, Economic Development, Transportation, Environment, Arts, History and Cultural Issues (and all other subjects not listed above).




Joint Committee on the Public Schools Meeting 1:00 PM

Trenton High School, 400 Chambers Street, Trenton, NJ

The Subcommittee on School Facilities and Construction will hear a presentation

by Marc Larkins, CEO of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority on the

2011 Capital Plan.