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Prepared: June 8, 1999 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule. Second Annual Session

* Denotes Changes


ASSEMBLY SESSION 2:00 PM Assembly Chambers

Voting Session:

A332 [Gill, Nia H./Kelly, John V.+1], Pap smears-clarify insur. coverage req.

A527 [Rooney, John E./Crecco, Marion+13], Abortion-req. parental notification

A549 [Rooney, John E./Garcia, Raul], Haz. substance, exposure-monitor health

A671 [Gibson, John C./Asselta, Nicholas+1], Clean Communities Acct.-revises

A994 [LeFevre, Kenneth C./Cohen, Neil M.+6], Street gang activity-estab. penal.

A1116 [Zisa, Charles/Weinberg, Loretta], Burial of indigent persons-co. pay costs

A1241 [O'Toole, Kevin J./Crecco, Marion+2], Inmates, AIDS status-disclose to off.

A1293 [Carroll, Michael Patrick], Oral recitation in pub. sch.-req. daily

A1352 [Murphy, Carol J./Augustine, Alan M.+3], Hindering a prosecution-clarify crime

A1587 [Azzolina, Joseph/LeFevre, Kenneth C.+1], Special lic. plate-$4.50 transfer fee

A1768 [Myers, Connie/Luongo, Gerald J.+4], Farmland devel. easements-revise req.

A1803 [Roberts, Joseph J./Geist, George F.], Fire marshal, co.-auth. cert. changes

A1818 [Russo, David C./Doria, Joseph V.], Cred. card-proh. solicitation of student

A1821 [Kelly, John V./DiGaetano, Paul+15], Alco. driv. offenses-incr. penal.

A1881 [Cottrell, Melvin/Malone, Joseph R.+3], Liquefied petroleum gas invoice-concerns

A1983 [Blee, Francis J./Wolfe, David W.+12], Higher Ed. Incentive Fd. Prog. Act;$5M

A2031 [Friscia, Arline M./Cohen, Neil M.+23], Impounded MV-proof of insur. req.

A2124 [Vandervalk, Charlotte/Corodemus, Steve+12], Self-emp.-deduct health insur. costs

A2176 [Kelly, John V./Doria, Joseph V.], Insur. carriers-compliance reviews

A2201 [Luongo, Gerald J./LeFevre, Kenneth C.+2], Disab. parking-proh. snow obstruction

A2202 [Lance, Leonard/Blee, Francis J.+3], Prepaid funeral agreements-concerns

A2338 [Payne, William D.+4], Housing proj., cert.-extends tax exemp.

A2392 [DiGaetano, Paul/Doria, Joseph V.+1], Handicapped parking-chiropractor certify

A2483 [Wolfe, David W./Malone, Joseph R.], Higher ed. proj.;$615,250

A2554 [Heck, Rose Marie/Bateman, Christopher+1], Agape House Homeless Shelter, DCA;$99K

A2716 [Moran, Jeffrey W./Impreveduto, Anthony], Tax assessors-estab. continuing ed prog.

A2781 [Myers, Connie+1], Deer causing crop damage-permit to kill

A2823 [Thompson, Samuel D./Crecco, Marion+30], Mun. St. aid-inflation adjustment incr.

A2887 [Azzolina, Joseph/Gregg, Guy R.+6], Vet-Dept of Mil Affairs determine status

A2923 [Corodemus, Steve/Augustine, Alan M.], Dredge materials decontamination;$20M

A2929 [Vandervalk, Charlotte/Russo, David C.], Tobacco product manufacturers-concerns

A3022 [Asselta, Nicholas/Gibson, John C.+6], Deer hunting w/ bait-permanently auth.

A3044 [Arnone, Michael J./Farragher, Clare M.], Mun., special charter-revise req.

AR10 [Malone, Joseph R./Cottrell, Melvin], Yugoslavia-support US Armed Forces

AR154 [DiGaetano, Paul/Kelly, John V.+6], Transcontinental Pipeline-reject

S10 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Robertson, Norman M.+24], Mun. St. aid-inflation adjustment incr.

S160 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Palaia, Joseph A.+3], Fed. law off.-auth. to make arrests

S192 [Rice, Ronald L.+2], Prop. tax revaluations-5-yr. phase in

S235 [Cafiero, James S.+2], Mortgages of record, cancellation-req.

S673 [Inverso, Peter A.], Tax Court proceedings-adopt amendments

S775 [McNamara, Henry P./Bucco, Anthony R.], Haz. Discharge Site Fd-revise grant qual

S827 [Kosco, Louis F.], Disab. parking-proh. snow obstruction

S854 [Furnari, Garry J.+22], Alco. driv. offenses-incr. penal.

S906 [Zane, Raymond J.], Lic. plate, personalized-addl. charge

S912 [Palaia, Joseph A./Bark, Martha W.], Fire marshal, co.-auth. cert. changes

S995 [Lipman, Wynona M./Rice, Ronald L.], Housing proj., cert.-extends tax exemp.

S1133 [Inverso, Peter A./Bucco, Anthony R.+3], Self-emp.-deduct health insur. costs

S1223 [Kyrillos, Joseph M.], Prepaid funeral agreements-concerns

S1237 [Bryant, Wayne R./Matheussen, John J.+1], Higher Ed. Incentive Fd. Prog. Act;$5M

S1771 [Kavanaugh, Walter J.+1], Insur. carriers-compliance reviews

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1999

SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

10:00 AM: Group (4) Committees scheduled to meet

1:00 PM: Group (3) Committees scheduled to meet

Senate Budget and Appropriations Meeting 10:00 AM

Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Littell, Robert E.

A126 [Holzapfel, James W./Wolfe, David W.+67], Retir. income-incr. income tax excl.

A1884 [Murphy, Carol J./Asselta, Nicholas+6], Adult day care prog for Alzheimers;$803K

A2023 [Friscia, Arline M./Gusciora, Reed+26], Pub. emp. annuity prog.-emp pay promptly

A2028 [Myers, Connie], Sales tax-auth. pymt. by vendors

A2050 [Felice, Nicholas R./Murphy, Carol J.+1], Prepaid telephone arrangements-sales tax

A2420 [Cohen, Neil M.+6], Firearm trigger locks-sales tax exemp.

A2421 [Cohen, Neil M./Gregg, Guy R.+6], Firearm vaults-sales tax exemp.

A2454 [Wright, Barbara/Murphy, Carol J.+5], Women's Micro-Bus. Cred. Act;$750K

A2469 [Collins, Jack/Cohen, Neil M.+4], Trigger gun locks-$5 instant rebate prog

A2616 [Doria, Joseph V./DiGaetano, Paul+6], Sewer overflow abatement proj.-$1.152M

S68 [Ciesla, Andrew R./Connors, Leonard T.+30], Retir. income-incr. income tax exclusion

S756 [Cafiero, James S.], Adult day care prog. for Alzheimers;$1M

S1012 [Martin, Robert J./Bucco, Anthony R.], Medicaid-unlimited nursing fac. care

S1018 [Connors, Leonard T.+1], Sr. Helping Sr., Demo. Prog.-DHS;$300K

S1033 [Inverso, Peter A.], Prepaid telephone calling card-sales tax

S1329 [Turner, Shirley K./Allen, Diane+2], Women's Micro-Bus. Cred. Act;$750K

S1341 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Lynch, John A.], Firearm trigger locks-sales tax exemp.

S1342 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Lynch, John A.], Firearm vaults-sales tax exemp.

S1544 [Gormley, William L./McNamara, Henry P.+1], Prop. donation to St., cert.-tax cred.

S1603 [Bassano, C. Louis/Connors, Leonard T.+3], Vet. prop. tax deduct.-incr. $50 to $250

S1770 [Inverso, Peter A.], Transfer inher. tax, cert.-reduces

S1789 [Gormley, William L./Vitale, Joseph F.+4], Homeless Youth Act;$4M

S1867 [Sacco, Nicholas J./Girgenti, John A.+2], Sewer overflow abatement proj.-$1.152M

S1928 [Bark, Martha W./Allen, Diane+1], Env. infrastructure proj.-approp. fds.

S1929 [McNamara, Henry P./Allen, Diane+1], Env. Infrastructure Trust-finan. proj.

S1930 [Robertson, Norman M./Kavanaugh, Walter J.+1], Env. infrastructure proj.-auth. loans

S1958 [DiFrancesco, Donald T.], Port region, dredging proj-reduce approp

S1960 [McNamara, Henry P./Littell, Robert E.], Watershed moratorium-prov annual pymts

SCR9 [Bassano, C. Louis/Connors, Leonard T.+6], Prop. tax deduct, vets-amends NJ constit

Senate State Government, Banking and Financial Institutions Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 7, 2nd Floor, State House Annex,

Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Kavanaugh, Walter J.

A927 [Bagger, Richard H.], Primary nomination petition-filing date

S910 [Kavanaugh, Walter J.], Pub. contracting-revises laws

S1503 [Codey, Richard J.], Bd of ed. pension fds-revise memb. benf.

S1721 [Kavanaugh, Walter J.], Consumer cred. reports-consumer prot.

S1837 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Lynch, John A.+1], Loc. govt. retiree, cert.-continue benf.

Pending Introduction & Referral:

SR96 [Cardinale, Gerald], Sec. of State Recog. 4 songs honoring NJ

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1999 (continued)

Senate Health Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 1, 1st Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Sinagra, Jack

A2317 [Augustine, Alan M./Wright, Barbara+13], Safety needle, cert-health care fac. use

S813 [Cardinale, Gerald/Bucco, Anthony R.+1], Abortion-req. parental notification

S1273 [Singer, Robert W./Littell, Robert E.+1], Nursing home fac.-care for HMO enrollees

S1533 [Cardinale, Gerald], Prescription benf.-proh. cert. terms

S1687 [Ciesla, Andrew R.], Hosp.-req. offer to sell before closing

S1719 [Bassano, C. Louis], Small emp. health benf. plans-elig.

S1849 [Vitale, Joseph F./Bennett, John O.+2], Safety needle, cert-health care fac. use

S1866 [Sinagra, Jack], Physical Fitness & Sports Council-estab.

S1955 [Codey, Richard J./Vitale, Joseph F.], NJ KidCare-estab St finan. assist. prog.

Senate Legislative Oversight Meeting 10:00 AM Committee Room 6, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Matheussen, John J.

SR83 [Zane, Raymond J./Matheussen, John J.+3], Lottery proceeds, ed. use-examine intent

Senate Law and Public Safety Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Kosco, Louis F.

A722 [Kramer, Paul/Wright, Barbara], Priv. fac., cert.-regulatory scheme

A2790 [O'Toole, Kevin J./Talarico, Guy F.+8], Domestic viol. offender-counseling req.

S547 [Turner, Shirley K.], Children's Trust Fd.-auth. lic. plate

S1029 [Bennett, John O.], Inmate release prog-limits participation

S1578 [Bryant, Wayne R.], Universal Charity-creates lic. plate

S1624 [Singer, Robert W.], Alco. bev. lic.-issue to golf courses

S1631 [Bucco, Anthony R./Girgenti, John A.], Fire detection equip.-exempt sales taxes

S1641 [Cafiero, James S./Singer, Robert W.], Carnival-Amusement Ride Safety Bd-memb.

S1648 [Bucco, Anthony R./Cafiero, James S.], Domestic viol. offender-counseling req.

S1722 [Bucco, Anthony R./Kavanaugh, Walter J.], Downhill skiing-makes cert. req.

S1785 [Girgenti, John A./Allen, Diane+1], Fire Safety Div., training prog.;$360K

S1927 [Bassano, C. Louis/Kosco, Louis F.+2], Firearm, minor gaining access-crime

*Senate Transportation Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 3,

1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Ciesla, Andrew R.

A2625 [DeCroce, Alex/Lance, Leonard+1], Transp. museum, Warren Co.;$500K

S1193 [Allen, Diane], Rebuild America;$40K

S1971 [Inverso, Peter A./Robertson, Norman M.], Internet-process MV transactions

Senate Transportation Hearing (Immediately Following Meeting), Committee Room 3, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Ciesla, Andrew R.

The Committee will hold a Public Hearing on the following topic:

Updating of the Monmouth-Ocean Middlesex Study and the restoration of train service from Monmouth Junction to Lakewood.

Senate Women's Issues, Children and Family Services Meeting

10:00 AM Committee Room 10, 3rd Floor, State House Annex,

Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Cafiero, James S.

A2183 [Zecker, Gerald H./LeFevre, Kenneth C.], NJ Parentage Act-changes time limitation

S552 [Turner, Shirley K.], Adoption expenses-income tax cred.

S1445 [Rice, Ronald L.], Black Infant Mortality Ed Research;$750K

S1836 [DiFrancesco, Donald T.], Child care svcs.-exempt pub. bidding

S1977 [Gormley, William L./O'Connor, Edward T.], Parental rights proceedings-concerns

SR91 [Allen, Diane/Cafiero, James S.], Consensual pedophile-condemn publication

*ASSEMBLY SESSION 2:00 PM Assembly Chambers

Voting Session:

A18 [Kelly, John V./Doria, Joseph V.+2], Env. infrastructure proj.-auth. loans

A19 [Biondi, Peter J./Asselta, Nicholas+3], Env. infrastructure proj.-approp. fds.

A20 [Gibson, John C./Rooney, John E.+2], Env. Infrastructure Trust-finan. proj.

A44 [DiGaetano, Paul/Doria, Joseph V.+11], Urban Ctrs Unsafe Bldg Demo Act;$14.774M

A114 [Friscia, Arline M./Blee, Francis J.+5], Crime victims, injured-prov. VCCB awards

A960 [Augustine, Alan M.], Pet Purch. Prot. Act

A1020 [Zisa, Charles/Stuhltrager, Gary W.+2], Shoplifting-estab. grading system

A1314 [Heck, Rose Marie/O'Toole, Kevin J.+2], Admin. rule-making process-revises

A1736 [Impreveduto, Anthony/Cohen, Neil M.+1], Emission control equip.-dealer disclose

A1869 [Myers, Connie+4], Farmland planning grant prog.-estab.

A2055 [Zisa, Charles/Weinberg, Loretta+52], Prostate Cancer Awareness, Ed. Prog.;$1M

A2121 [Talarico, Guy F./Asselta, Nicholas+99], Health/dental insur. claims-concern pymt

A2155 [Weingarten, Joel/Cohen, Neil M.], Alimony-prov. limited duration

A2233 [Luongo, Gerald J./Wisniewski, John S.], Driv. ed course contract-pub. ad process

A2259 [Green, Jerry/Gregg, Guy R.+22], Assault by an animal-estab. crime

A2262 [Murphy, Carol J./DeCroce, Alex], Loc. Pub. Contracts Law-exemp used veh.

A2472 [Luongo, Gerald J.], Pub. works contracts-qual. of bidders

A2858 [Weingarten, Joel/O'Toole, Kevin J.], Sch.-restrict bldg. maintenance

A2978 [Smith, Tom/Corodemus, Steve+16], NJ KidCare-concerns elig.

A2979 [Thompson, Samuel D./Azzolina, Joseph+17], NJ KidCare & sch-estab. partnership;$75K

MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1999 (continued)


A2992 [Luongo, Gerald J./Geist, George F.+15], St. hwys., cert.-remain toll free

A3015 [Kelly, John V./DiGaetano, Paul+18], NJ KidCare-prov. presumptive elig.

A3049 [Azzolina, Joseph/Gregg, Guy R.+6], Battle monuments at Gettysburg;$55,335

A3145 [DiGaetano, Paul/Quigley, Joan M.+3], Meadowlands-intermun. tax sharing

ACR168 [Stuhltrager, Gary W./Collins, Jack+2], Lottery-not support correctional prog.

ACR172 [Biondi, Peter J.], Env. Infrastructure Trust-finan. plan

S54 [Kavanaugh, Walter J./Martin, Robert J.], Alimony-prov. limited duration

S778 [Vitale, Joseph F./Gormley, William L.+2], Crime victims, injured-prov. VCCB awards

S1756 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Robertson, Norman M.+9], NJ KidCare-prov. presumptive elig.

S1757 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Allen, Diane+8], NJ KidCare & sch-estab. partnership;$75K

S1758 [Sinagra, Jack/DiFrancesco, Donald T.+7], NJ KidCare-income elig. limit

*Assembly Judiciary Meeting 9:30 AM Committee Room 15, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Russo, David C.

A17 [Collins, Jack/Cottrell, Melvin+2], Homicide prosecution-permit victim photo

A492 [Blee, Francis J./LeFevre, Kenneth C.+1], Probation off.-grants police powers;$3M

A552 [Russo, David C.], Gun-free sch. areas-creates

A1486 [Steele, Alfred E./Pou, Nellie+1], Gun-free sch. zone-creates

A1580 [Kelly, John V./Luongo, Gerald J.+1], Drug dealers-estab. civil actions

A1820 [Doria, Joseph V./Impreveduto, Anthony], MV accident-proh cert people solicit bus

A2878 [Holzapfel, James W./LeFevre, Kenneth C.], Restraining order issuance-procedures

A2930 [Talarico, Guy F./Suliga, Joseph+1], Runners-criminalizes the use of

A3048 [LeFevre, Kenneth C./Blee, Francis J.], Drink adulteration-reckless endangerment

S1696 [Gormley, William L./Bryant, Wayne R.+2], Runners-criminalizes the use of

S1735 [Gormley, William L./Girgenti, John A.+3], Drink adulteration-reckless endangerment

SJR50 [Codey, Richard J./Bennett, John O.], Bar Assn. Day-desig. Nov. 8, 1999


SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

Select Committees to meet at the call of the Senate President

ASSEMBLY SESSION Assembly Chambers

Voting Session: Time and board list to be announced

MONDAY, JUNE 21, 1999

SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session: Board list to be announced

ASSEMBLY QUORUM Assembly Chambers

Select Committees to meet at the call of the Speaker.

State House Commission Meeting 9:00 AM

Committee Room 3, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ


State Leasing and Space Utilization Committee Meeting 10:00 AM Council Chambers, Millburn Town Hall, 375 Millburn Avenue, Millburn, NJ

Chair: Asm. Weingarten, Joel


SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session: Board list to be announced

ASSEMBLY SESSION Assembly Chambers

Voting Session: Time and board list to be announced

MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1999


The Voting Session has been CANCELED.