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Prepared: June 15, 2001 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule. Second Annual Session

* Denotes Changes

MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2001


The Quorum has been CANCELED

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2001

Assembly Solid and Hazardous Waste Meeting 2:00 PM

Englewood Boat Basin, Englewood, NJ

Chair: Asm. Rooney, John E.

The Committee will take testimony from interested parties on appropriate role General Electric should play in cleanup of Hudson River and fate of citizens, natural resources in region if Hudson River's PCB-levels escalate.

Assembly Task Force To Study Impact of Fair Housing Act & State Planning Act Hearing 2:00 PM Committee Room 1, 1st Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

The Task Force will take testimony from diverse groups as well as citizens concerning the goals and actual implementation of the two acts. The testimony shall focus on those policy areas which are outlined in AR158, including:

a) The degree of success in accomplishing the stated goals of each act;

b) Intended or unintended impacts directly or indirectly caused by the acts' implementation; and

c) The interrelationship of these two acts and whether the acts have hindered or furthered each other's goals.


SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session: Board list to be announced

*Senate State Government Meeting 10:30 AM

Committee Room 7, 2nd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Kavanaugh, Walter J.

S871 [Bryant, Wayne R.], Alternate benf. prog.-concerns

S1743 [Bucco, Anthony R./Kenny, Bernard F.], Elections-extends polling place hours

S1770 [Cardinale, Gerald/Kavanaugh, Walter J.+1], Abortion-req. parental notification

ASSEMBLY SESSION 2:30 PM Assembly Chambers

Voting Session

A818 [Crecco, Marion/Kelly, John V.], Firefighter-repurchase cert PFRS cred.

A1051 [Weinberg, Loretta/Zisa, Charles+1], Child support-req past maj. age, disab.

A1315 [Myers, Connie/Augustine, Alan M.+6], Small emp. health benf. purch. alliances

A1503 [Heck, Rose Marie/Bateman, Christopher+20], PFRS-full credit for PERS svc. transfer

A2139 [Gill, Nia H./Impreveduto, Anthony], Acupuncture training-concerns

A2460 [Corodemus, Steve/DeCroce, Alex], Flood prot. proj.-concerns participation

A2756 [Gibson, John C.], Shellfish harvest viol.-incr. penal.

A3024 [Murphy, Carol J./Merkt, Richard A.+4], SHBP retirees-concerns coverage

A3035 [Lance, Leonard], Landowners prov pub access-immunity

A3077 [Biondi, Peter J./Bateman, Christopher], Carbon monoxide detector, hotel-concerns

A3097 [Garrett, E. Scott/Myers, Connie], Campgrounds-exemp. cert. req.

A3098 [Merkt, Richard A./Wolfe, David W.], Library grant fds.-concerns

A3201 [Holzapfel, James W./Smith, Tom+4], No Early Release Act-specifies crimes

A3207 [Lance, Leonard], Library-transfer to Thomas Edison Coll.

A3218 [Blee, Francis J./Vandervalk, Charlotte+7], Breast/cervical cancer-Medicaid cover

A3290 [Heck, Rose Marie/Lance, Leonard+1], Co. exec./freeholders-clarify contracts

THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2001 (continued)


A3315 [Gregg, Guy R./Roberts, Joseph J.], Horse racing-concerns

A3356 [Heck, Rose Marie/Thompson, Samuel D.+5], Institutionalized care-concerns liab.

A3489 [DeCroce, Alex], St contract claims-prejudgement interest

A3577 [Arnone, Michael J./Doria, Joseph V.], Loc. gov.-revise cert. mandates

S175 [Allen, Diane/Inverso, Peter A.+4], DYFS caseworkers-estab staff ratios;$12M

S932 [Robertson, Norman M./Allen, Diane+1], Firefighter-repurchase cert PFRS cred.

S1310 [Martin, Robert J./Cafiero, James S.], SHBP retirees-concerns coverage

S1382 [Martin, Robert J.+3], Secured transactions-concerns

S1833 [Inverso, Peter A./Bucco, Anthony R.+19], PFRS memb., cert.-concerns svc. cred.

S2050 [Ciesla, Andrew R./Codey, Richard J.], St contract claims-prejudgement interest

S2113 [Inverso, Peter A./Bryant, Wayne R.+1], Library-transfer to Thomas Edison Coll.

Assembly Appropriations Meeting 9:30 AM

Room 319, State House, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Bagger, Richard H.

A292 [Gill, Nia H./Kelly, John V.+4], Pap smears-clarify insur. coverage req.

A943 [Stanley, Craig A.], Police cars, tampering-creates offense

A1722 [Lance, Leonard/Cohen, Neil M.], St. assets-banks selected as custodians

A2472 [Wolfe, David W./Malone, Joseph R.+2], Env. Ed. Comm.;$200K

A2827 [Quigley, Joan M./Greenstein, Linda R.+1], SHBP and managed care plans-concerns

A3045 [Gregg, Guy R.], Partnerships, limited liab. co.-concerns

A3101 [Myers, Connie/Lance, Leonard], Sch. fac. proj., cert.-addl. St. aid

A3171 [Holzapfel, James W./Wolfe, David W.+2], Homestead rebate benf.-incr., index max.

A3247 [Gibson, John C./Asselta, Nicholas+4], SPRS-concerns health benf.

A3251 [Blee, Francis J./LeFevre, Kenneth C.], Casino Reinvestment Devel. Auth-concerns

A3264 [Bagger, Richard H.], Mileage reimb. rate, St-same as IRS rate

A3286 [DeCroce, Alex/Bodine, Francis L.], Statewide Transp., Loc. Bridge Fd.;$145M

A3289 [DiGaetano, Paul/Doria, Joseph V.], BPU-incr. memb. from 3 to 5

A3322 [Buono, Barbara/Geist, George F.], Bd. of ed.-file info, sch. viol.

A3323 [Buono, Barbara/Geist, George F.], Sch. Viol. Awareness Wk.-desig.

A3328 [Corodemus, Steve], Env. cleanup laws-limitations statute

A3506 [Asselta, Nicholas/Azzolina, Joseph+25], TPAF, PERS-incr. retir. benf.

A3571 [Crecco, Marion/Zecker, Gerald H.], Park devel. proj.;$12.789M

A3572 [Azzolina, Joseph/DeCroce, Alex], Env. infrastructure proj.-approp fds.

A3573 [Cottrell, Melvin/Asselta, Nicholas], Env. Infrastructure Trust-make loans

A3574 [Rooney, John E.], Env. Infrastructure Trust Finan. Prog.

A3592 [Kean, Thomas H./Bagger, Richard H.+13], Child Safety Seat Distrib. Prog Fd-estab

A3627 [Garrett, E. Scott/Felice, Nicholas R.+5], Farmland preserv proj-northern NJ;$26.5M

A3628 [Cottrell, Melvin/Geist, George F.+7], Farmland preserv proj-southern NJ;$10.6M

A3629 [Gibson, John C./Connors, Christopher J.+6], Farmland preserv.-pinelands;$9M

A3630 [Lance, Leonard/Farragher, Clare M.+7], Farmland preserv. purposes;$12.886M

A3631 [Biondi, Peter J./Chatzidakis, Larry+10], Farmland preserv. purposes;$21.014M

A3666 [Kelly, John V./Doria, Joseph V.+3], Mortgage loan, PFRS-change interest rate

A3673 [Pennacchio, Joseph], Kinship legal guardianship status-estab.

A3676 [Collins, Jack], Water diversion permits, temp-issuance

A3695 [Collins, Jack], Off. misconduct-St. Police file report

ACR158 [Asselta, Nicholas/Azzolina, Joseph], Env Infrastructure Trust-2002 finan plan

S1 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Inverso, Peter A.+22], Homestead rebate benf.-incr., index max.

S11 [Sinagra, Jack/Vitale, Joseph F.+15], SHBP and managed care plans-concerns

S391 [Lesniak, Raymond J./DiFrancesco, Donald T.+1], Sch. Viol. Awareness Wk.-desig.

S392 [Lesniak, Raymond J./DiFrancesco, Donald T.+2], Bd. of ed.-file info, sch. viol.

S516 [Turner, Shirley K./Allen, Diane+1], Pap smears-clarify insur. coverage req.

S853 [James, Sharpe/Bryant, Wayne R.], Police cars, tamper w/elec. device-crime

S2173 [Gormley, William L./James, Sharpe+29], Casino Reinvestment Devel. Auth-concerns

S2298 [Bark, Martha W./Kenny, Bernard F.+1], BPU-incr. memb. from 3 to 5

S2421 [Matheussen, John J./Allen, Diane+17], Env. infrastructure proj.-approp fds.

THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 2001 (continued)

Assembly Appropriations Meeting (continued)

S2422 [Ciesla, Andrew R./McNamara, Henry P.], Env. Infrastructure Trust Finan. Prog.

S2423 [Zane, Raymond J./Inverso, Peter A.+18], Env. Infrastructure Trust-make loans

SCR110 [McNamara, Henry P./Zane, Raymond J.+1], Env Infrastructure Trust-2002 finan plan

Intergovernmental Relations Commission Meeting 11:30 AM

Committee Room 2, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. O'Toole, Kevin J.

The Commission agenda items include:

1) Organize the Commission,

2) Approval of Budget FY 2002,

3) Designation of statutory appointments.

NJ Law Revision Commission Meeting 4:30 PM

Commission Offices, 7th Floor, 153 Halsey St., Newark, NJ

MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2001

SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

Select Committees to meet at the call of the Senate President


The Voting Session has been CANCELED


SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session: Board list to be announced

ASSEMBLY SESSION Assembly Chambers

Voting Session: Time and board list to be announced

State House Commission Meeting 9:00 AM

Committee Room 9, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ