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Vol. XXIX No. 52 CALENDAR SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 211th Legislature

Prepared: August 17, 2005 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule. Second Annual Session

* Denotes Changes


Senate Environment Hearing 10:00 AM

Committee Room 16, 4th Floor, State House, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Smith, Bob

For Discussion Only:

S1861 [Smith, Bob], Electronic Waste Prod Responsibility Act

S2578 [Smith, Bob], Preservation of Landfill Space Act

S2615 [Smith, Bob], Recycling Enhancement Act

NJ Citizens' Clean Elections Commission Meeting 7:00 PM

Warner Student Life Center, Brookdale Community College,

Lincroft, NJ

The Commission will discuss the districts selected to participate and ELEC regulations,

and receive presentations by invited guests. Comments from the public will be entertained.


Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission Meeting 10:00 AM

50 West State St., 1st Floor Board Room, Trenton, NJ

The Commission should receive written comments at least ten

business days in advance of the meeting.

A1676 [Munoz, Eric], PERS accidental benf-add St health insur

A3081 [Van Drew, Jeff], Vet., St. emp.-post retir. med. benf.

A3537 [Johnson, Gordon M./Weinberg, Loretta/Gordon, Robert M./Voss, Joan M.+8], Prostate cancer testing-coverage

A3952 [Cohen, Neil M.], JRS-concerns survivor benf. continuation

A3953 [Steele, Alfred E.], PFRS-extend mand. retir. age

A4101 [Diegnan, Patrick J.], Loc. bds. of ed-req. to join SHBP

A4126 [Merkt, Richard A./Kean, Sean T.], PERS-concerns calculation of retir. benf

A4164 [Panter, Michael J.], PFRS memb.-extends mandatory retir. age

A4197 [Weinberg, Loretta/Johnson, Gordon M.], PFRS memb., cert.-purch. svc. cred.

A4199 [Vas, Joseph], TPAF-incr. elig. comp. level

S1395 [Rice, Ronald L.], Vet., St. emp.-post retir. med. benf.

S2446 [Adler, John H.], JRS-concerns survivor benf. continuation

S2471 [Kenny, Bernard F./Lance, Leonard], SHBP-limit coverage, cert. St. emp.

S2572 [Bark, Martha W./Palaia, Joseph A.], TPAF enrollment-incr. elig. comp. level

S2592 [Sarlo, Paul A.], PFRS memb., cert.-purch. svc. cred.

S2599 [Doria, Joseph V.], PFRS memb.-extends mandatory retir. age

S2653 [Bucco, Anthony R./Girgenti, John A.], PFRS-extend mand. retir. age