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Vol. XXXV No. 66 Internet Update I CALENDAR SUBJECT TO CHANGE 214th Legislature

Prepared: September 23, 2011 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule Second Annual Session

*Denotes Changes





*SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session:

A921 [Chivukula, Upendra J.], NJ Trade Secrets Act

A1098 [Coyle, Denise M./Schaer, Gary S.+7], Green job cert. prog.-auth. co. coll.

A1436 [Prieto, Vincent/Holzapfel, James W.+4], Court reporting firms-concerns reg.

A1471 [Wisniewski, John S./Prieto, Vincent+5], Taxicab laws-makes sundry changes

A1491 [Riley, Celeste M./Tucker, Cleopatra G.+2], Domestic viol. restraining order-viol.

A2806 [Jasey, Mila M./Coutinho, Albert], Nonpub. sch.-convert into charter sch.

A3688 [Wilson, Gilbert L./Riley, Celeste M.], NJ Fresh Mobiles Act

S397 [Singer, Robert W./Weinberg, Loretta+1], Court reporting firms-reg.

S1015 [Oroho, Steven V./Bucco, Anthony R.+1], Natl Guard emp-allow bus/income

tax cred

S1648 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Whelan, Jim+1], Green job cert. prog.-auth. co. coll.

S1823 [Madden, Fred H./Kean, Sean T.+2], Taxicab laws-makes sundry changes

S1858 [Lesniak, Raymond J.], Nonpub. sch.-convert into charter sch.

S1865 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Bucco, Anthony R.+1], Manuf. equip.-corp. bus. tax cred.

S1885 [Kean, Sean T./Stack, Brian P.+2], Bus. tax-deduct loan interest, UEZ bus.

S1949 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Kean, Thomas H.+1], Manuf.-prov. energy svc. sales

tax exemp

S1988 [Sarlo, Paul A./Kyrillos, Joseph M.+1], Cosmetic med procedure tax-phase-out

S2197 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Weinberg, Loretta], Physician, Life-Sustaining Treatment Act

S2271 [Gordon, Robert M.], Multi dwelling safety issues-advise DCA

S2456 [Scutari, Nicholas P./Cardinale, Gerald], NJ Trade Secrets Act

S2626 [Weinberg, Loretta/Greenstein, Linda R.], Domestic viol. restraining order-viol.

S2728 [Norcross, Donald/Whelan, Jim], NJ Fresh Mobiles Act

S2771 [Norcross, Donald/Kean, Sean T.+2], Exterior walls, cert. bldgs-inspections

S2868 [Sweeney, Stephen M.], Sch. dist w/significant enrollment;$4.1M

S2928 [Van Drew, Jeff+1], St. Devel. Ctrs Closure-estab task force

S2989 [Codey, Richard J./Van Drew, Jeff], Wireless equip.-exempt cert collocations

S2991 [Whelan, Jim/Oroho, Steven V.], Co. clerk, create id cards for cert vets

S3033 [Lesniak, Raymond J./Kyrillos, Joseph M.+1], Grow NJ Assist. Prog.-estab.

S3038 [Vitale, Joseph F./Madden, Fred H.+1], NJ Health ACCESS-restores elig.

S3052 [Whelan, Jim/Sarlo, Paul A.], Small Bus. Loan Prog.-estab. in EDA

S3054 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Greenstein, Linda R.], Bus. tax cred. prog-extend

to income tax

S3055 [Madden, Fred H.], Angel Investor Tax Cred. Act

S3056 [Sarlo, Paul A.], Garden St. Film & Digital Media Jobs Act

SR129 [Weinberg, Loretta], Breast Cancer awareness month- Oct 2011

SR202 [Allen, Diane B./Beach, James], Vet. Ed. Awareness Wk.-desig. Nov13-19


Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Hearing 10:00 AM Committee Room 6,

1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Whelan, Jim

The Committee will receive testimony on the importance of authorizing sports wagering for the gaming industry in New Jersey.














Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards Meeting

1:00 PM Committee Room 7, 2nd Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

The Joint Committee will meet to consider charges in the Brennan matter; review complaint filed by Mr. Blaettler as to jurisdiction and sufficiency of evidence; approve formal advisory opinion issued to Assemblywoman Handlin; discuss Ethics Counsel's questions. Action may be taken on any agenda item.





Committees at the call of the Senate President





Committees at the call of the Senate President