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Prepared: November 30, 2000 Check Internet site or call this office for updated schedule. First Annual Session

* Denotes Changes


SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session:

A322 [Vandervalk, Charlotte/Talarico, Guy F.+7], Independent Health Care Appeals Prog.

A733 [Talarico, Guy F./Chatzidakis, Larry+1], HMO-concerns regulation

A764 [Previte, Mary T./Holzapfel, James W.+11], Juv. delinquent-disqual., handgun permit

A1438 [Moran, Jeffrey W./Connors, Christopher J.+6], PERS, CPFPF, PFRS, cert.-incr. pensions

A1484 [Heck, Rose Marie/O'Toole, Kevin J.+4], Admin. rule-making process-revises

A1932 [Bateman, Christopher/LeFevre, Kenneth C.+3], Alco. treatment prog.-mv surcharges

A2204 [Blee, Francis J./Charles, Joseph+2], Minority Health Office-renames

A2274 [Collins, Jack], PERS, TPAF-allows transfer of svc. cred.

A2332 [DeCroce, Alex/Felice, Nicholas R.+2], Airport-purch by DOT, devel rights;$2.5M

A2351 [Garrett, E. Scott/Talarico, Guy F.+5], Sch. dist. surveys, cert.-concerns

S6 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Bark, Martha W.+17], Senior Gold Prescription Discount Act

S7 [Matheussen, John J./Kosco, Louis F.+13], Health insur. consumers' rights;$100K

S8 [Sinagra, Jack/Inverso, Peter A.+13], Managed care oversight;$1.3M

S9 [Bassano, C. Louis/Vitale, Joseph F.+14], Emerg. health care svcs.-provision

S10 [Allen, Diane/Codey, Richard J.+14], Minority, multicultural health-concerns

S11 [Sinagra, Jack/Vitale, Joseph F.+15], Health benf. plans-concerns

S12 [Inverso, Peter A./Allen, Diane+14], Hosp. accounting mgmt. sys.;$2M

S14 [Kosco, Louis F./Vitale, Joseph F.+15], Hosp. Emerg. Svcs. Devel. Fd.-estab.;$9M

S15 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Sinagra, Jack+14], Medicaid reimb. rates-incr. fee for svc.

S17 [DiFrancesco, Donald T./Robertson, Norman M.+15], Hosp. reimb. under medicaid-concerns

S18 [Bassano, C. Louis/Inverso, Peter A.+13], Small emp. health plan-electronic sale

S19 [Sinagra, Jack/Codey, Richard J.+16], Hosp. fac.-concerns conversion

S64 [Bucco, Anthony R./Robertson, Norman M.+10], Police ticket quota-proh.

S224 [Bryant, Wayne R./Matheussen, John J.], Child support-health insur. coverage

S282 [Furnari, Garry J./Cafiero, James S.+4], Alco. treatment prog.-mv surcharges

S369 [Sinagra, Jack/Singer, Robert W.+15], Medicaid-community spouse allowance

S370 [Sinagra, Jack/Vitale, Joseph F.+19], Health, Dental Care Claims Pymt Resp Act

S375 [Sinagra, Jack/Cardinale, Gerald+15], Health benf. insur-reg. 3rd party admin.

S377 [Sinagra, Jack/Matheussen, John J.+14], Nonprofit corp. conversion-pub hearing

S379 [Sinagra, Jack/Matheussen, John J.+15], HMO-concerns regulation

S640 [Matheussen, John J./Sinagra, Jack+15], Independent Health Care Appeals Prog.

S658 [Singer, Robert W.+15], Managed care carriers-application forms

S698 [Connors, Leonard T./Singer, Robert W.+1], PERS, CPFPF, PFRS-incr. pension

S1024 [Bennett, John O.], Restraining orders-concerns

S1033 [Bark, Martha W./DiFrancesco, Donald T.+4], Physicians, dentists-negotiate w/carrier

S1203 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./McNamara, Henry P.+10], Pupil transp.-concerns

S1306 [Bark, Martha W./Adler, John H.], Admin. rule-making process-revises

S1454 [Bucco, Anthony R./McNamara, Henry P.+2], Sch. dist. surveys, cert.-concerns

S1466 [Inverso, Peter A./Vitale, Joseph F.+2], Emp. leasing co/leasing agreements-reg.

S1490 [Allen, Diane/Bennett, John O.+1], Juv. delinquent-disqual., handgun permit

S1496 [O'Connor, Edward T.], Civil action procedures-revise statutes

S1591 [Kyrillos, Joseph M./Palaia, Joseph A.], Hunger Prev./Nutrition Asst Prog Act;$5M

SR71 [Bassano, C. Louis/DiFrancesco, Donald T.], Religious persecution-condemns Iran

SR80 [Singer, Robert W.], Metropolitan area-support cert standards

Senate Environment Meeting 11:00 AM Committee Room 10,

3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. McNamara, Henry P.

A1306 [Geist, George F./Collins, Jack+9], Potable water-testing req.;$75K

A2110 [Kelly, John V./DiGaetano, Paul], Van Riper House-restoration;$350K

S635 [Matheussen, John J./Adler, John H.+5], Potable water-testing req.;$75K

S1084 [Furnari, Garry J./Lesniak, Raymond J.], Van Riper House-restoration;$350K

MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2000 (continued)


The Quorum has been CANCELED.

Assembly Advisory Council on Women Hearing 10:00 AM

Committee Room 15, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

The Council will hear testimony on issues relating to the safety of children including Internet use, which is the subject of P.L.. 1998, c.126, issues involving criminal invasion of children's privacy, and related matters.


*ASSEMBLY QUORUM 12:00 PM Assembly Chambers

Select Committees to meet at the call of the Speaker.

*Assembly Appropriations Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 11,

4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Bagger, Richard H.

A1259 [Impreveduto, Anthony+1], Compulsive gambling-curricula

A1500 [Heck, Rose Marie/O'Toole, Kevin J.+8], Domestic Viol. Victims' Fd.-estab.

A1950 [Kelly, John V.], Fire prot. equip. install/svc.-cert prog

A2104 [Cottrell, Melvin/LeFevre, Kenneth C.+30], DYFS caseworkers-estab staff ratios;$12M

A2273 [Kelly, John V./O'Toole, Kevin J.+15], PFRS memb.-enhanced benf. to survivors

A2311 [DeCroce, Alex/Merkt, Richard A.+32], Mosquito abatement-conduct;$1M

A2376 [Felice, Nicholas R./Russo, David C.], Underground storage tanks-finan. asst.

A2383 [Myers, Connie/Merkt, Richard A.], Sales tax-auth. pymt. by vendors

A2518 [Myers, Connie/Lance, Leonard+2], Wine promotion acct.-incr. tax

A2552 [Wolfe, David W./Malone, Joseph R.], Childhood ed., early-concerns

A2590 [DiGaetano, Paul/Moran, Jeffrey W.], Sch. pupils-revise asthma self-admin.

A2633 [Blee, Francis J./Gibson, John C.+2], Prostate cancer-vol. contrib, income tax

A2659 [Biondi, Peter J./Bateman, Christopher+1], Redevel. Area Bond Finan. Law

A2759 [Bagger, Richard H.], Brownfields study by Rutgers;$370K

A2804 [Russo, David C./Cohen, Neil M.+3], Workers Comp. Judges Retir. Sys.-estab.

A2906 [Payne, William D.], Revaluation relief-concerns

A2930 [Smith, Tom/Kelly, John V.+1], Low Income Home Energy Asst. Grant

A3029 [Collins, Jack/Caraballo, Wilfredo], Organ bequest-ABC age id cards

ACR136 [Holzapfel, James W.], St. Police Multi-Purpose Bldg.-constr.

S143 [Bark, Martha W./Singer, Robert W.], Deaf community, continued asst.;$150K

S175 [Allen, Diane/Inverso, Peter A.+4], DYFS caseworkers-estab staff ratios;$12M

S1173 [McNamara, Henry P./Vitale, Joseph F.], Underground storage tank-delay grant cap

S1240 [Palaia, Joseph A./O'Connor, Edward T.], Compulsive gambling-curricula

S1316 [Inverso, Peter A./Adler, John H.], Redevel. Area Bond Finan. Law

S1372 [Bennett, John O./Allen, Diane], Sch. pupils-revise asthma self-admin.

Pending Introduction & Referral:

A3038 [Malone, Joseph], Permits religious or charitable organization to lease property to other tax-exempt entities without loss of property tax exemption.

*Assembly Banking and Insurance Meeting 10:00 AM

Committee Room 16, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Bateman, Christopher

A1656 [Asselta, Nicholas/Cohen, Neil M.+30], Health, Dental Care Claims Pymt Resp Act

A2739 [Bateman, Christopher/Doria, Joseph V.+1], Nonprofit health svc. corp.-conversion

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2000 (continued)

*Assembly Budget Meeting 10:00 AM Committee Room 11, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Lance, Leonard

The Committee will discuss the status of Intergovernmental Transfer-related appropriations in the FY2000 budget.

A3032 [Lance, Leonard], Suppl. approp. from General Fd.;$12.179M

Assembly Education Meeting 2:00 PM Committee Room 12,

4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Wolfe, David W.

A1217 [Corodemus, Steve+2], Pupil transp. contract bids-concerns

A1622 [O'Toole, Kevin J./Blee, Francis J.], Prepaid Higher Ed. Expense Prog.-estab.

A2296 [Impreveduto, Anthony/Moran, Jeffrey W.+5], Prepaid Higher Ed. Expense Prog.-estab.

A2540 [Cruz-Perez, Nilsa/Cottrell, Melvin+6], Special ed. treatment options-concerns

A2684 [Gregg, Guy R./Garrett, E. Scott], Sch. bds., regional-concerns

A2798 [Garrett, E. Scott], Standards/Assessments Accountability Act

A3030 [Wolfe, David W./Doria, Joseph V.], St.-operated sch. dist.-concerns

A3031 [Wolfe, David W./Malone, Joseph R.], High sch. grad. req.-concerns

S456 [Girgenti, John A./Palaia, Joseph A.+1], Sch. bds., regional-concerns

For Discussion Only:

A1774 [Garcia, Raul/Jones, LeRoy J.], Priv. Voc. Student Tuition Prot. Fd.

Assembly Health Meeting 11:30 AM Committee Room 15,

4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asw. Vandervalk, Charlotte

A180 [Gusciora, Reed+17], Contraceptive, prescription-insur. cover

A1862 [Cohen, Neil M./Bagger, Richard H.+10], Infertility-health insur. cover

A2167 [Murphy, Carol J./Vandervalk, Charlotte+2], Contraceptives, prescribed-insur. cover

A2257 [Geist, George F./Heck, Rose Marie], Heart disease-women's awareness;$750K

A2960 [Vandervalk, Charlotte/Russo, David C.], Smoking on sch. grounds-proh.

A2983 [Thompson, Samuel D./Vandervalk, Charlotte], FamilyCare Health Coverage Prog-expands

S412 [Lynch, John A./Sinagra, Jack+5], Smoking on sch. grounds-proh.

S1029 [Matheussen, John J./Bark, Martha W.], Heart disease-women's awareness;$750K

Assembly Housing Meeting 10:00 AM Committee Room 9,

3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Kelly, John V.

A2451 [Weinberg, Loretta/Gill, Nia H.+20], Multiple Dwelling St. Tax Credit Act

A2452 [Weinberg, Loretta/Gill, Nia H.+21], Bus Incentive, Revitalization, Cred Act

A2591 [Collins, Jack/Smith, Tom+1], Multi-Family Housing St. Tax Cred. Act

A2592 [Collins, Jack/Smith, Tom+1], Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Cred Act

Assembly Regulatory Oversight Meeting 2:00 PM

Committee Room 9, 3rd Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Gregg, Guy R.

A2232 [Carroll, Michael Patrick], Contested cases-final decision by judge

A2467 [Gregg, Guy R./Barnes, Peter J.+14], Admin. rules-written in plain English

A2703 [Bagger, Richard H./Wisniewski, John S.+4], Govt. Performance Review & Eval. Jt Comm

ACR61 [Augustine, Alan M./Bagger, Richard H.+1], EMT training DHSS regs.-not leg. intent

AR77 [Wisniewski, John S.], Telephone nos-change method of assigning

Assembly Transportation Meeting 11:30 AM Committee Room 12,

4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. DeCroce, Alex

A1158 [Arnone, Michael J./Farragher, Clare M.], Equestrians-req. motorist reduce speed

A2677 [Thompson, Samuel D.], Veh., improperly weighed-penal.

A2682 [Lance, Leonard], Truck traffic-regulate on Rt. 29

A2936 [Malone, Joseph R./DeCroce, Alex], St. prisoners-commercial driv. training

A2945 [Malone, Joseph R./DeCroce, Alex+1], Asphalt millings-concerns use

AR89 [Asselta, Nicholas/Gibson, John C.], Rt.55-urges completion

S82 [Zane, Raymond J.], Lic plates, personalized-allow duplicate

Pending Introduction & Referral:

A3010 [DeCroce, Alex/Doria, Joseph V.], Circle of Mobility-amends definition

Assembly Task Force on Business Retention, Expansion, and Export Opportunities Meeting 1:00 PM Committee Room 14, 4th Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Asm. Azzolina, Joseph

The Task Force will take testimony on the environmental regulatory climate as it relates to permit processing and regulatory approvals. The Task Force will also examine the status of small business financing offered through NJ's Economic Development Authority.


SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

10:00 AM: Group (3) Committees scheduled to meet

1:00 PM: Group (4) Committees scheduled to meet

ASSEMBLY SESSION Assembly Chambers

Voting Session: Time and board list to be announced.

State House Commission Meeting 9:00 AM Committee Room 12,

4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ


SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

10:00 AM: Select Committees to meet at the call of the Senate President


The Voting session has been CANCELED.


SENATE SESSION 2:00 PM Senate Chambers

Voting Session: Board list to be announced


Pension and Health Benefits Review Commission Meeting 10:00 AM Division of Pensions and Benefits, 50 West State St., Trenton, NJ

Written comments on bills should be submitted at least ten business days in advance of the meeting.

A2613 [Conners, Jack/Moran, Jeffrey W.+13], Vet-amends definition

A2632 [Merkt, Richard A.], PFRS enrollment-concerns age

A2746 [Jones, LeRoy J.], SHBP-concerns rate incr.

A2795 [Garcia, Raul], PERS memb.-purch. credit for pub. svc.

A2865 [Weingarten, Joel], TPAF retirees, cert.-exemp. reenrollment

S253 [Bennett, John O.], TPAF retirees, cert.-exemp. reenrollment

S881 [Palaia, Joseph A./Cafiero, James S.], Alternate benf. prog.-elim. reduction

S1237 [Bucco, Anthony R.], PFRS enrollment-concerns age

S1654 [Connors, Leonard T./Littell, Robert E.+5], Vet-amends definition

S1689 [Singer, Robert W./O'Connor, Edward T.], PFRS, SPRS-death benf., remarried spouse

S1833 [Inverso, Peter A./Bucco, Anthony R.], PFRS memb., cert.-concerns svc. cred.