New Jersey State Legislature
ACR109 ACR109 Proposes constitutional amendment to require payments by State to State-administered retirement systems and establish in Constitution right of public employees to pension benefit; provides for enforcement of funding obligations and benefit rights.
Budget and Appropriations
Identical Bill Number: SCR2  
Last Session Bill Number: ACR3   

Primary Sponsors
Prieto, Vincent
Jimenez, Angelica M.
Giblin, Thomas P.
Caputo, Ralph R.
DeAngelo, Wayne P.
Benson, Daniel R.
Taliaferro, Adam J.
Johnson, Gordon M.
Caride, Marlene
Chaparro, Annette
Quijano, Annette
Holley, Jamel C.
Moriarty, Paul D.
Mosquera, Gabriela M.

1/27/2016 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Judiciary Committee

3/18/2016 Reviewed by the Pension and Health Benefits Commission Recommend to not enact

6/6/2016 Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading

6/6/2016 Concurrent Resolution Placed on Desk in Assembly

6/6/2016 Concurrent Resolution Placed on Desk in Senate

6/20/2016 Public Hearing Held AJU

6/27/2016 Passed by the Assembly (50-26-2)

6/30/2016 Received in the Senate, Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee

Introduced - - 10 pages  
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Statement - AJU 6/6/16 - 3 pages  
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Technical Review Of Prefiled Bill - - 7 pages  
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Fiscal Estimate - 6/28/16; as introduced - 4 pages  
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