New Jersey State Legislature
SCR2 SCR2 Proposes constitutional amendment to require payments by State to State-administered retirement systems and establish in Constitution right of public employees to pension benefit; provides for enforcement of funding obligations and benefit rights.
2nd Reading in the Senate
Identical Bill Number: ACR109  
Last Session Bill Number: ACR3   

Primary Sponsors
Sweeney, Stephen M.
Turner, Shirley K.
Greenstein, Linda R.
Weinberg, Loretta
Rice, Ronald L.
Whelan, Jim
Van Drew, Jeff

2/4/2016 Introduced, 1st Reading without Reference, 2nd Reading

3/18/2016 Reviewed by the Pension and Health Benefits Commission Recommend to not enact

Fiscal Estimate - 3/1/16; as introduced - 4 pages  
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Introduced - - 10 pages  
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