ASSEMBLY, No. 2345




DATED:  MAY 15, 2014


      The Assembly Labor Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 2345.

      This bill requires any employer that enters into a contract with the State, including any contract that is subject to the requirements of the "New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act," P.L.1963, c.150 (C.34:11-56.25 et seq.), to provide certain information concerning every employee employed in connection with the contract.

      The bill requires any employer who contracts with the State to provide qualifying services that are not subject to prevailing wage requirements to report to the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development, throughout the duration of the contract or contracts, information regarding the gender, race, job title, occupational category, and total compensation of every employee of the employer employed in the State in connection with the contracts.  The employer is also required to provide an update each time there is a significant change in the information required to be reported, or other significant change in employment status, including, but not limited to, medical leave of 12 weeks or more, hiring, termination for any reason, a change in part-time or full-time status, or a change in “employee” or “contractor” status.

      The bill further provides that any employer who enters into a contract to perform public work subject to prevailing wage requirements shall meet the reporting requirements of the bill by including the gender and race information, in addition to the job title, occupational category, and rate of total compensation information currently required, in the certified payroll records under the prevailing wage act.

      The commissioner is required to retain the information and make it available to the Division on Civil Rights in the Department of Law and Public Safety, and, upon request, provide it to anyone employed by the employer during the contract period, or any authorized representative of the employee.