SENATE, No. 1941







Sponsored by:


District 33 (Hudson)


District 24 (Morris, Sussex and Warren)


Co-Sponsored by:

Senators A.R.Bucco and Pou






     Revises exemption from license requirement for raffles for door prizes of donated or purchased merchandise; increases total retail value from $50 to $200 or higher if permitted.



     As introduced.


An Act concerning certain raffles and amending P.L.1954, c.5.


     Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


     1.    Section 2 of P.L.1954, c.5 (C.5:8-51) is amended to read as follows:

     2.  a.  It shall be lawful for the governing body of any municipality, at any time after this act shall become operative within such municipality and except when prohibited by this act, to license bona fide organizations or associations of veterans of any war in which the United States has been engaged, churches or religious congregations and religious organizations, charitable, educational and fraternal organizations, civic and service clubs, senior citizen associations and clubs, officially recognized volunteer fire companies, and officially recognized volunteer first aid or rescue squads, to hold and operate the specific kind of game or games of chance commonly known as a raffle or raffles played by drawing for prizes or the allotment of prizes by chance, by the selling of shares or tickets or rights to participate in such game or games and by conducting the game or games accordingly, when the entire net proceeds of such games of chance are to be devoted to educational, charitable, patriotic, religious or public-spirited uses, and in the case of organizations or associations of veterans, and senior citizen associations and clubs to the support of these organizations, and for any such organization or association, church, congregation, society, club, company or squad, when so licensed or without any license when and as hereinafter prescribed, to hold, operate and conduct such game of chance pursuant to this act and such license, in such municipality and to sell shares or tickets or rights to participate in such game or games of chance therein and in any other municipality which shall have adopted this act and under such conditions and regulations for the supervision and conduct thereof as shall be prescribed by rules and regulations duly adopted from time to time by the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission, hereinafter designated as the control commission, not inconsistent with the provisions of this act, but only when the entire net proceeds thereof are devoted to the uses aforesaid and for any person or persons to participate in and play such games of chance conducted under any such license.

     b.    The control commission may adopt regulations authorizing licensees to hold events known as:

     "armchair races" at which wagers are placed on the outcome of previously-filmed horse races and wagerers do not know the results in advance, when the prize awarded consists of merchandise or raffle tickets only, and not cash; and

     "casino nights" at which players use chips or script purchased from the licensee to wager in games of chance known as blackjack, under/over, beat-the-dealer, chuck-a-luck, craps, roulette, bingo or similar games approved by the commission, when the chips or script are redeemable for merchandise or raffle tickets only, and not for cash.

     The regulations shall establish the frequency with which these events may be held, the rules of the games, the specific type and value of prizes which may be offered, the qualifications of the individuals conducting the games and other requirements which the commission may deem pertinent.

     c.    No license shall be required for the holding, operating or conducting of a raffle for a door prize of [donated] merchandise of the total retail value of [less than $50.00] $200.00 or less, or a higher amount as established by regulation of the control commission, for which no extra charge is made at an assemblage [at which no other game of chance is held, operated or conducted], if the proceeds of such assemblage are devoted to the uses described in this section.

(cf:  P.L.2013, c.85, s.2)


     2.    This act shall take effect immediately.





     This bill amends the Raffles Licensing Law, N.J.S.A.5:8-1 et seq., to permit an authorized organization to conduct, without a license, a raffle for a door prize of merchandise, whether donated or purchased, of a total retail value of $200.00 or less.  The legislation authorizes the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission to set the total retail value at higher than $200 for door prizes.  In addition, such raffles would be permitted even if another game of chance is conducted at an assemblage. 

     Currently, an authorized organization may only offer, without a license, donated merchandise as a door prize with a value of less than $50.00.  The purpose of this amendment is to allow an authorized organization to offer donated or purchased merchandise as a door prize, and to increase the value of a door prize to reflect in part the inflationary increase that has occurred since the original $50.00 value was established in 1955.