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Sponsored by:

Assemblywoman  ANNETTE QUIJANO

District 20 (Union)

Assemblyman  RONALD S. DANCER

District 12 (Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean)

Assemblywoman  NANCY J. PINKIN

District 18 (Middlesex)

Assemblyman  RAJ MUKHERJI

District 33 (Hudson)

Assemblywoman  ANGELA V. MCKNIGHT

District 31 (Hudson)

Senator  FRED H. MADDEN, JR.

District 4 (Camden and Gloucester)






     Requires removal of equipment and markings on certain used emergency vehicles; requires that Attorney General issue guidelines or directives.



     As reported by the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee on March 3, 2016, with amendments.


An Act concerning used authorized emergency vehicles and supplementing Title 39 of the Revised Statutes.


     Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


     1.    a.  For the purposes of this section:

     “Equipment” shall include, but not be limited to, 1a1 handheld 1[spotlights] spotlight1 affixed to 1a1 side 1[mirrors] mirror1, 1[antennas] an antenna1 used for emergency response communication equipment, 1a1 mobile vision and mobile data 1[terminals] terminal1, 1[sirens] a siren1, 1a1 strobe 1[lights] light1, or any other light with optional strobe functions typically used on an authorized emergency vehicle;

     “Marking” shall include, but not be limited to, 1[any] a1 decal, insignia, or striping added to the authorized emergency vehicle by a State or municipal agency, or any other government entity engaged in law enforcement, fire services, or emergency medical  transportation; and

     “Siren” shall include, but not be limited to, an adjustment to the standard horn in a steering wheel.

     b.    1[Prior] Except as provided by subsection c. of this section, prior1 to the sale or transfer of an authorized emergency vehicle as defined in R.S.39:1-1, to a person or an entity other than a State or municipal agency; 1[any] a1 government entity engaged in law enforcement, fire services, or emergency medical transportation; a volunteer fire company, a volunteer first aid, ambulance, or rescue squad; a person who is an authorized dealer of emergency vehicles; or a non-governmental emergency service provider, any equipment or marking that would identify the vehicle as an authorized emergency vehicle shall be removed.

     c.     1Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection b. of this section, removal of equipment or marking is not required prior to sale or transfer if the authorized emergency vehicle:

     (1)  is excepted from registration pursuant to the provisions of R.S.39:3-1; or

     (2)  meets the criteria to be registered as an historic vehicle pursuant to the provisions of section 2 of P.L.1964, c.95 (C.39:3-27.4).

     d.1  The Attorney General shall issue guidelines or directives for the enforcement of this act.

     12.   Section 1 of P.L.1964, c.195 (C.39:3-27.3) is amended to read as follows:

     1.    As used in [this act] P.L.1964, c.195 (C.39:3-27.3 et seq.):

     "Chief administrator" means the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

     "Historic motor vehicle" [shall mean] means any motor vehicle which is :

     (1)  at least 25  years old [and which is] ;

     (2)  owned as a collector's item and used solely for exhibition and educational purposes by the owner;

     ["Director"  shall mean the Director of Motor Vehicles] and

     (3)  unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design, except in the case of an authorized emergency vehicle, as defined in R.S.39:1-1, if an alteration was completed in order for the vehicle to operate as an emergency vehicle.1

(cf: P.L.1964, c.195, s.1)


     13.   Section 2 of P.L.1964, c.195 (C.39:3-27.4) is amended to read as follows:

     2.    [Any] An owner of an historic motor vehicle who is a resident of this State may register [such] the motor vehicle under the provisions of [this act] P.L.1964, c.195 (C.39:3-27.3 et seq.).  Application for registering an historic vehicle shall be on forms prescribed by the [director] chief administrator.  Upon proper application and payment of the prescribed fee, the [director] chief administrator shall issue a special nonconventional registration and special license plate for each historic motor vehicle registered in this State.  [Such] The registration and license plate shall be valid during the period of time that the vehicle is owned by the registrant.  The fee for [such] the registration and license plate shall be [$25.00] $25.  The license plate shall bear the word "historic" and shall be of such design and colors as the [director] chief administrator may determine.  Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S.39:3-33 or any other law to the contrary, an owner of a vehicle registered as an historic vehicle, or any vehicle manufactured before 1945, shall not be required to display more than one special license plate issued for that vehicle, which plate shall be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.1

(cf: P.L.1999, c.305, s.1)


     1[2.] 4.1     This act shall take effect on the first day of the fourth month following enactment, except the Attorney General may take any anticipatory administrative action in advance as shall be necessary for the implementation of this act.