ASSEMBLY, No. 4464






      The Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 4464.

     Under current law, municipalities where voters have approved a referendum to allow raffle games may license eligible organizations to conduct these games. The Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission in the Department of Law and Public Safety regulates the conduct of these games.

     Under Article IV, Section VII, paragraph 2, subparagraph B of the State Constitution, and under the Raffles Licensing Law, eligible organizations may apply for a license to conduct raffles. Bona fide organizations or associations of veterans; churches or religious congregations and religious organizations; charitable, educational, and fraternal organizations; civic and service clubs; senior citizen associations and clubs; officially recognized volunteer fire companies; and officially recognized volunteer first aid or rescue squads are eligible to apply for a license. These organizations must dedicate the entire net proceeds of the raffle games to educational, charitable, patriotic, religious or public-spirited uses. Organizations or associations of veterans, and senior citizen associations and clubs, may also use these proceeds to support their organizations.

     This bill permits eligible organizations to also conduct punch-board games. A "punch-board" means a board with a number of openings of uniform size in which the manufacturer placed, at random, slips of paper or other substances or punches imprinted with numbers or symbols; where a flare or face sheet covers the openings and sets out the winning numbers or symbols and which prizes a player may win; and the punches have specific serial numbers assigned and printed on them. A punch-board game must allow a player, after buying a punch, to select and remove the punch from the opening of the punch-board, and, if the number on the selected punch matches the flare, to win and be awarded the specified prize.

     The bill directs the control commission to adopt the necessary rules and regulations for the conduct of punch-board games, which must allow the punch-board games to be conducted under the same license issued for the conduct of pull-tab raffle games.