[Second Reprint]



SENATE, Nos. 10 and 2426


With Senate Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Senator VITALE)




      These Senate floor amendments authorize additional satellite dispensaries for existing alternative treatment centers, for the six alternative treatment centers with plenary licensure to be issued permits under the bill, and for alternative treatment centers that are issued a permit after the effective date of the bill pursuant to an application submitted prior to the effective date of the bill, provided the application for the satellite dispensary is submitted prior to or within 18 months after the effective date of the bill.  These additional satellite dispensaries will be authorized to hold a Class 4 Cannabis Retailer license as well.

      The Senate floor amendments additionally provide that alternative treatment centers issued a permit after the effective date of the bill pursuant to an application submitted prior to the effective date of the bill will be authorized to establish and maintain one additional satellite dispensary, upon application to and approval by the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (Commission), which approval may not be unreasonably withheld. 

      The Senate floor amendments provide that laboratory testing on medical cannabis is to include screening for microbial contamination, rather than contamination by biologic contaminants, and that the testing is to additionally include screening for heavy metals.

      The Senate floor amendments revise the equipment requirements for testing laboratories to provide that, as a condition of licensure, the laboratory is to certify its intention to seek third party accreditation in accordance with ISO 17025 to ensure equipment is routinely inspected, calibrated, or maintained, until such time as the Commission issues its own standards or confirms the use of ISO 17025.  As introduced, the bill required that laboratories routinely inspect, calibrate, and maintain equipment in accordance with national standards, or if national standards are not available, in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.  The Senate amendments delete certain provisions identifying specific calibration procedures and recordkeeping requirements.

      The Senate floor amendments require that, until such time as the Commission establishes testing standards pursuant to the bill, laboratories are to use the testing standards established by another state with a medical cannabis program, which state is to be designated by the Executive Director of the Commission.  As introduced, laboratories would have been permitted to use testing standards from any other state with a medical cannabis program.