SENATE, No. 2897


with Senate Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Senator MADDEN)




      These Senate floor amendments provide that a school district employee engaged in routine maintenance of a school facility owned or managed by their employer would not be required to complete the certification programs to address the presence of mold in the school facility, except that the school district would still be required to comply with the procedures established by the Department of Community Affairs concerning the inspection, identification, evaluation, and abatement of mold hazards.

      The amendments also provide technical changes to the bill, such as replacing reference to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development with the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Law and Public Safety as the appropriate administrative agency under the “Contractors’ Registration Act,” P.L.2004, c.16 (C.56:8-136 et seq.).

      These amendments make the bill identical to Assembly Bill No. 1433 (1R), as amended and reported by the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee on October 22, 2018.