with committee amendments




DATED: †MARCH 4, 2019


††††† The Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee reports favorably and with committee amendments Senate Joint Resolution No. 115.

††††† As amended by committee, this joint resolution establishes the New Jersey Pharmacogenomics Commission (commission).† Under the resolution, the commission is to be responsible for examining pharmacogenomics, which is the study of the relationship between a personís specific genetic makeup and the effectiveness or toxicity of medications used to treat any health-care related issue.† The commissionís examination is to include, but is not to be limited to: (1) costs related to pharmacogenomic testing currently and in the future; (2) how implementing pharmacogenomics may benefit prescribers, patients, and the State; (3) various applications for pharmacogenomics outside of medicine, such as the opioid crisis and others; (4) the relationship between pharmacogenomics applications in personalized medicine; (5) the results of previous studies on prescribing medicines and treatments based on pharmacogenomic science; (6) methods of educating patients and prescribers on prescribing medicine and treatment based on genetic makeup; (7) the relationship of pharmacogenomics in the reduction of the number of deaths, disabilities, and hospitalization from adverse drug events; and (8) the expected costs and benefits from implementing pharmacogenomics in the short-term and long-term.

††††† As amended by the committee, the commission is to consist of 10 members, to be appointed by the Governor as follows: a representative from the Department of Health; a representative from the Division of Pensions and Benefits in the Department of the Treasury; a representative from Rutgers Medical School; a representative from Rutgers School of Pharmacy; a representative from Fairleigh Dickinson School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; a representative from the New Jersey Hospital Association; a representative from the Medical of Society New Jersey; a representative from the New Jersey Pharmacists Association; a representative from the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs; a representative from BioNJ; and a professor of genetics.

††††† The bill provides that, no later than six months after organization, the commission is to hold at least two public hearings, one each in northern New Jersey and southern New Jersey, and to issue a report of its findings to the Governor and the Legislature, including recommendations for legislative, executive, or any other actions, as may be appropriate.† The commission will expire upon submission of the report.



††††† The committee amendments increase the membership of the commission to 11 by adding a representative from BioNJ.

††††† The committee amendments make various technical changes involving capitalization and grammar.