[First Reprint]

ASSEMBLY, No. 1285


with Assembly Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Assemblyman GREENWALD)




These Assembly floor amendments would require:

         a contracting unit to offer a stipend to any design-builder providing design, construction information, or materials presented in response to a request for second proposals in order to encourage the submission of proposals and to increase competition;

         that solicitations for each design-build contract include affirmative action, disadvantaged business; or set-aside goals or requirements for the design-build contract that are in accordance with the requirements of all rules, regulations, standards, or policies adopted by the contracting unit;

         the technical review committee to score the technical proposals using the criteria and methodology set forth in the request for proposals instead of just having the contracting unit accept the proposal which it considers most advantageous to the contracting unit after a thorough review and scoring of both parts of a design-bid proposal;

         the contracting unit to make public the sealed price bid for each proposal submitted to the contracting unit by a design-builder as well as the design-builder to be awarded the contract for the project; and

         the contracting unit to evaluate the received technical proposals and price bid against the published factors and weighting to arrive at a composite score.

The amendments make the bill identical to Senate Bill No. 2874(1R).