ASSEMBLY, No. 2281




DATED:  MARCH 5, 2020


      The Assembly Aging and Senior Services Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 2281.

      This bill would require the Commissioner of Human Services to review and streamline the application process for senior citizens who wish to participate in the New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), to the maximum extent permissible under federal law.  The goal of the streamlining process would be to ensure that the number of senior SNAP participants either matches or exceeds the national average.

      In streamlining the SNAP application process for seniors, the commissioner would be required to:  1) develop and make available a simplified SNAP application form for use by seniors; 2) provide for the increased sharing of data between the State’s various social services programs and platforms; and 3) authorize, and establish appropriate procedures to facilitate, the simultaneous or cross enrollment of eligible seniors in the State Medicaid program and SNAP.

      The bill would also require the Department of Human Services to engage in comprehensive outreach efforts to ensure that all eligible seniors are made aware of their ability to apply for and obtain SNAP benefits through the streamlined and expedited processes established under the bill.  The bill would require the department to work in consultation and cooperation with senior citizen advocacy organizations in performing this outreach.  Finally, the bill would require the Commissioner of Human Services to apply to the Food and Nutrition Service within the United States Department of Agriculture for any necessary waivers or approvals to implement the provisions of the bill.