[First Reprint]

ASSEMBLY, No. 4598


with Assembly Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Assemblywoman REYNOLDS-JACKSON)


ADOPTED: JUNE 21, 2021


      These Assembly amendments:

      (1)  define law enforcement agency;

      (2)  clarify that the provisions of the bill refers to the position of entry-level law enforcement officer;

      (3)  change the reporting requirement on Statewide diversity analysis study;

      (4)  require all law enforcement agencies to provide the commission with the relevant data;

      (5)  add appointing authorities and collective negotiations agents in the development of the universal background application for the hiring process;

      (6)  add that candidates may have their status and certification notices mailed in addition to having the notices e-mailed or texted; and

      (7)  allow the commission to select a qualified vendor to conduct a Statewide diversity analysis.