ASSEMBLY, No. 4864




DATED:  MARCH 17, 2021


      The Assembly Appropriations Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 4864.

     This bill makes an FY 2021 supplemental appropriation of $210,000 to Department of Human Services (DHS) for a temporary 25 percent increase to the certain assisted living facilities in the Medicaid program, which is anticipated to earn a federal match of $528,000. 

     Specifically, under the bill, the FY 2021 reimbursement rate for assisted living facilities with a Medicaid population in excess of 50 percent of the facility’s total population is to be equal to the rate received on September 30, 2020, plus a 25 percent adjustment.  The current rate, under the NJ FamilyCare program, for assisted living facilities is $77 per diem.  Under the bill, the rate for qualifying facilities would increase by $19.25 to $96.25 per day. 

     Each facility is to use no less than 60 percent of the rate adjustment for the sole purpose of increasing wages or supplemental pay for certified nurse aides providing direct care.  The remainder of the rate adjustment is to be used for other costs related to COVID-19 preparedness and response, including enhancing infection control measures, cleaning, reconfiguration of the facility to support cohorting, procurement of personal protective equipment, testing, or other staff wages and needs.



      This bill is not certified as requiring a fiscal note.