[First Reprint]

ASSEMBLY, No. 4864


with Senate Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Senator WEINBERG)


ADOPTED: JUNE 21, 2021


The Senate floor amendments increase the amount of the supplemental appropriation from $210,000 to $3,000,000.

      The floor amendments revise the bill to provide that the FY 2021 reimbursement rate adjustment will be applied based on the facility’s total amount of beds reported to the Department of Health as of June 1, 2021, as opposed to the total number of occupied beds.

      The floor amendments also require that no less than 60 percent of the rate adjustment will be used for the sole purpose of increasing wages or supplemental pay for a member of a facility’s staff providing direct care, as opposed to only certified nurse aides providing direct care.

      The floor amendments revise the synopsis of the bill to reflect these changes.