SENATE, No. 1236


with committee amendments




DATED: †JUNE 23, 2020


†††† The Senate Higher Education Committee reports favorably Senate Bill No. 1236 with committee amendments.

†††† As amended, this bill establishes the New Jersey Higher Education Student Advisory Commission in, but not of, the Department of State.† The commission will consist of 14 members appointed by the Secretary of Higher Education including: three student representatives of the State colleges and universities, a student representative of each of the four public research universities, three student representatives of the county colleges, three student representatives of the independent colleges and universities, and one student representative of a proprietary degree-granting institution.†

†††† Under the bill, a student enrolled in an institution of higher education or a proprietary degree-granting institution in the State may submit an application to serve on the commission to the Secretary of Higher Education.†

††††† The commission is charged with advising the secretary on system-wide issues of concern to students.† The commission is directed to annually report to the Assembly Higher Education Committee and the Senate Higher Education Committee, or their successor committees on the concerns, perspectives, and experiences of students attending institutions of higher education or proprietary degree-granting institutions in the State and may make recommendations on suggested legislative initiatives.

††††† The committee amended the bill to include a student representative of a proprietary degree-granting institution on the commission, increasing the commissionís total membership from 13 members to 14 members.