SENATE, No. 1778




DATED:  JUNE 15, 2021


      The Senate Economic Growth Committee reports favorably Senate Bill No.1778.

      As reported, this bill establishes an office in the Department of the Treasury through which the State will encourage the establishment of permanent federal jobs, as well as other federal investment, in the State.  The office is to be headed by an officer whose duties will include:

      1)   seeking to acquire civilian military missions for research, development, acquisition, test, and evaluation;

      2)   seeking to acquire non-military federal missions and jobs;

      3)   seeking to retain and grow existing federal missions in the State; and,

      4)   advocating on behalf of the State in qualifying and applying for federal infrastructure investment in the State.

      In the event the risk of civilian mission loss or base closure in the State is suspected or identified, the officer will lead a coordinated effort with the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs to mitigate the risk.

      Under the bill, the Governor will appoint an officer to administer the duties of the office, and the officer may hire necessary staff, including consultants. In addition to other resources made available to the officer, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s resources will be available to the officer for use in performance of the officer’s duties. The officer may also ask and receive assistance from any State or local government unit in performance of the officer’s duties. The bill requires the officer to submit semi-annual reports regarding the efforts and outcome of efforts of the office.