[First Reprint]

SENATE, No. 2525




DATED:  MAY 18, 2021


      The Assembly Appropriations Committee reports favorably Senate Bill No. 2525 (1R).

      This bill expands the roles and responsibilities of the State’s Chief Diversity Officer. Currently, the Chief Diversity Officer is responsible for monitoring the State’s public contracting process to compile information on the awarding of contracts to minority-owned and women-owned businesses.

      In addition to performing this current role, the Chief Diversity Officer is to also be responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion within State government by developing a Statewide diversity and inclusion plan and ensuring that diverse candidates are considered for State positions.

      This bill gives the Chief Diversity Officer a more active role in promoting the utilization of minority-owned and women-owned businesses by State agencies, colleges, and universities.

      As reported by the committee, Senate Bill No. 2525 (1R) is identical to Assembly Bill No. 4274, which also was reported by the committee on this date.



      The Office of Legislative Services (OLS) surmises this bill may increase annual State costs if the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the State’s Chief Diversity Officer are required to hire additional staff or invest in new technology to satisfy the bill’s requirements.

      The OLS cannot predict future employment actions or possible technology changes that be made by the Executive but notes that some of the requirements prescribed in the bill appear to be current responsibilities of that office and the Chief Diversity Officer.