SENATE, No. 2817




DATED:  AUGUST 20, 2020


      The Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee reports favorably Senate Bill No. 2817.

      This bill would allow a person  seeking veterans’ preference for civil service purposes who has not yet been issued the official Form DD-214 as proof of military service to submit, in lieu thereof, an official certification or verification of military service statement or  letter that provides the date of entry into military service, the estimated date of discharge or release, the character of the discharge, and such other information as the Adjutant General shall require.  The Adjutant General will specify the form, content, and source for an official certification or verification of military service statement or letter based on such statements or letters that are approved and provided by the federal military authorities.

      The person must submit to the Adjutant General the Form DD-214 no later than 30 days from the date the person receives the form.  If a copy is not provided, the prior determination of veteran status will be revoked.

      In order to receive veterans’ preference on a civil service application, the regulations of the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs require a veteran to submit a copy of Form DD-214, or another document if military records have been destroyed.

      This bill would allow a person who is still on active military duty, but who expects to be discharged or released soon, to begin the process of securing veterans’ preference before discharge occurs.