SENATE, No. 2996


with committee amendments






     The Senate Commerce Committee reports favorably and with committee amendments Senate Bill No. 2996.

     This bill allows licensees of the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling to provide services using mobile facilities.

     The bill amends the definition of “shop” in the statute governing the New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling to include mobile facilities. The bill adds a definition of “mobile facility” to mean a licensed shop capable of being moved from one place to another as or by a motor vehicle that shall be properly registered, insured and inspected in accordance with all applicable motor vehicle laws and regulations and in compliance with all appropriate municipal land use approvals and permits, if applicable. 

     The bill further supplements the law to allow practicing licensees to render any cosmetology and hairstyling services in a mobile facility so long as certain requirements are met. A mobile facility is to display a permanent sign indicating the name of the shop, which  is clearly visible to the general public from the exterior of the shop, and contain:

     (1)   a minimum of 75 square feet of floor space;

     (2)   at least one lavatory including a toilet, hand washing facilities and a door;

     (3)   one shampoo basin with hot and cold running water and a reclining chair;

     (4)   a designated area for cleaning and disinfecting implements and tools;

     (5)   an ultrasonic unit for cleaning metal implements and tools;

     (6)   a clean, closed receptacle for storage of sanitized implements and tools at each work station;

     (7)   a closed container for clean linens;

     (8)   a closed container for soiled linens;

     (9)   a closed waste container accessible to each work station;

     (10)    hair drying facilities or hair drying equipment;

     (11)    a dispensary or place where supplies are prepared and dispensed; and

     (12)    any other equipment as is necessary to provide those services offered by the shop in a safe and sanitary manner. 

     Under the bill, a mobile facility licensed as a manicuring or skin care specialty shop by the board is required to have at least one sink in the work area with hot and cold running water but is exempt from the requirement for a shampoo basin.  In addition, a mobile facility licensed as a barbering shop is required to contain at least one chair with an adjustable headrest suitable for performing shaving services.

     The bill provides that a shop that is a mobile facility is required to provide to the board a 14-day location schedule at least 14 days in advance of the first scheduled date and to immediately notify the board of any change to that schedule.

     Under the bill, a mobile facility is to maintain a stationary position whenever an individual therein is engaged in one or more of the practices included in the definition of cosmetology and hairstyling, barbering, beauty culture, manicuring, hair braiding or skin care specialty.

     The bill also amends the law to replace certain outdated terminology.



     The committee amended the bill to prohibit mobile facilities from operating within 300 feet of a Board-licensed shop unless the mobile facility is:

     1)  parked outside the home of a customer receiving services;

     2)  lawfully participating in an event, including, but not limited to, a municipal or county function; or

     3)  affiliated with the licensed shop.