ASSEMBLY, No. 2106


with Assembly Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Assemblyman STEELE)





      These amendments provide for the regulation and licensing of rehabilitation counselors. The amendments also reinstate the current law's education and examination requirements for eligibility as a licensed professional counselor and licensed associate counselor, which had been changed by the bill.

      Additionally, the amendments contain changes to current law concerning the grandfathering of applicants for licensure as professional counselors.

      The amendments also permit a licensed associate counselor to practice with direct supervision of a supervisor acceptable to the Professional Counselor Examiners Committee. Under current law, a licensed associate counselor is only permitted to practice with direct supervision by a licensed professional counselor.

      Furthermore, the amendments remove the stipulation that the "Professional Counselor Licensing Act" shall expire if any licensed professional counselor or licensed associate counselor, or any group thereof, attempts to secure mandatory reimbursement by insurers of their services by law, regulation or other means in this State.