ASSEMBLY, No. 2114






      Assembly Bill No. 2114 of 1996 permits the Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue special Pinelands license plates. The director would be authorized to charge an initial application fee of $50 and a $10 renewal fee which shall be in addition to all fees otherwise required by law. After reimbursing DMV for expenses associated with the issuance of the special plates, the remaining application and renewal fees are to be deposited in the "Pinelands Preservation Fund" for the acquisition, and costs related thereto, of property located in the Pinelands National Reserve.

      In estimates for previous bills authorizing the issuance of special license plates, DMV estimated total fixed costs to be about $41,000, for reprogramming agency and revenue automated systems, and for one-time die costs. Variable costs would be about $8 for the issuance of each set of special plates. However, since DMV is generally unable to estimate public interest in new, special license plates, it does not project revenues.

      The Office of Legislative Services (OLS) concurs with previous DMV cost estimates for the issuance of new, special license plates. However, as a possible reference range for potential revenues, OLS would note that DMV has estimated that FY 1997 revenues from special plates for animal welfare would provide about $353,000, plates for wildlife conservation would provide about $180,000, and plates for shore conservation would provide about $629,000.

      This legislative fiscal estimate has been produced by the Office of Legislative Services due to the failure of the Executive Branch to respond to our request for a fiscal note.


This fiscal estimate has been prepared pursuant to P.L.1980, c.67.