ASSEMBLY, No. 2180


with Assembly Floor Amendments

(Proposed By Assemblyman BAGGER)


ADOPTED: MAY 8, 1997



      These floor amendments require the Commissioner of Human Services to take such actions as are necessary to ensure that as a mental health facility closes, all funds shall be redirected to services in the community, thereby increasing the State's financial support to community and mental health services for its citizens. This redirection of funding shall not apply to money already earmarked for institutional use through the Marlboro Redirection Plan.

      The floor amendments specify that community mental health and developmental disability services mean the following services for persons with serious mental illness, or for persons with developmental disabilities, as appropriate;

      a. emergency and crisis services provided in programs licensed or approved by the commissioner;

      b. case management services;

      c. outpatient services which provide an adequate level of treatment and rehabilitation to persons with serious mental illness;

      d. residential services, other than inpatient services, provided in programs licensed or approved by the commissioner and in long-term health care facilities licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services, including, but not limited to, assisted living residences, comprehensive personal care homes and residential health care facilities;

      e. psychiatric rehabilitation services, including, but not limited to, supported employment, supported living, psychosocial clubhouse and other partial care modalities;

      f. other community support services, including, but not limited to, consumer advocacy, consumer operated self-help activities, drop-in centers, and family education and support services;

      g. services which are directed toward the alleviation of a developmental disability or mental illness, or toward the social, personal, physical or economic habilitation or rehabilitation of a person with a developmental disability or mental illness, and provided by an agency or program approved by the commissioner; and

      h. other services as approved by the commissioner.

      The floor amendments delete references to distribution of funds to institutional programs and provide that any funds will be applied to community programs.

      These floor amendments make this Assembly Committee Substitute identical to the Senate Committee Substitute for Senate Bill No. 1692 of 1996 which was released by the Senate Senior Citizens, Veterans' Affairs and Human Services Committee on May 8, 1997.