ASSEMBLY, No. 2238


with Assembly committee amendments




DATED: JUNE 27, 1996


      The Assembly Appropriations Committee reports favorably Assembly Bill No. 2238, with committee amendments.

      Assembly Bill No. 2238, as amended, makes technical corrections to the fiscal year annual appropriations bill in program conditions placed upon the appropriations for certain programs in the Department of Human Services as follows: (1) changes in the Medicaid, Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) and General assistance drug programs clarify that the maximum supply of 34-day or 100 unit doses under the programs apply to both legend and non-legend drugs, (2) changes in those programs' provisions to indicate that reimbursement for protein replacement supplements are subject to program coverage provisions, (3) corrects the effective date for changes to the Medicaid inpatient hospital reimbursement methodology for Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Indirect Medical Education (IME), (4) deletes an administrative cost appropriation of certain General Assistance (GA) pharmaceutical rebate revenue as no authority exists in the appropriations act for this rebate program or revenue, and (5) and clarifies that the Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) program for PAAD and GA will be identical with the current MAC program administered by Medicaid with respect to drug substitution and costs.

      The bill also prohibits the expenditure of any funds for, and the use of any revenues from, the DMV sale of personal information from licensed driver and motor vehicle registration databases unless the sale of this information is preceded by notice to, and the individual written assent of, individual licensed drivers and registrants.



      The technical corrections made by this bill reflect programatic adjustments already anticipated in the revenues and expenditures in the appropriations bill.



      The committee amendments prohibit the expenditure of funds for, and from, the DMV sale of personal information from licensed driver and motor vehicle registration databases without the registrant's consent.