P.L. 1997, CHAPTER 112, approved June 5, 1997

Assembly, No. 1409





An Act concerning sick leave for certain teaching staff members and amending N.J.S.18A:30-2.1.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


     1. N.J.S.18A:30-2.1 is amended to read as follows:

    18A:30-2.1. a. Whenever any employee, entitled to sick leave under this chapter, is absent from his post of duty as a result of a personal injury caused by an accident arising out of and in the course of his employment, his employer shall pay to such employee the full salary or wages for the period of such absence for up to one calendar year without having such absence charged to the annual sick leave or the accumulated sick leave provided in [sections] N.J.S.18A:30-2 and 18A:30-3. Salary or wage payments provided in this section shall be made for absence during the waiting period and during the period the employee received or was eligible to receive a temporary disability benefit under chapter 15 of Title 34, Labor and Workmen's Compensation, of the Revised Statutes. Any amount of salary or wages paid or payable to the employee pursuant to this section shall be reduced by the amount of any workmen's compensation award made for temporary disability.

    b. Leave taken by an employee pursuant to subsection a. of this section shall constitute satisfactory service as provided pursuant to N.J.S.18A:29-14 and any other provision, statutory or contractual, relating to employment, adjustment or other increments and shall not constitute inefficiency or other good cause for the withholding of an employment or adjustment increment.

(cf: N.J.S.18A:30-2.1)


    2. This act shall take effect immediately.



    This bill will assure that employees are not penalized in any manner for taking sick leave as a result of work-related accidents. In particular, periods of absence caused by that sick leave will not constitute grounds for the withholding of an employee's adjustment, employment or other increment.




Prohibits withholding of increment from teaching staff member who takes sick leave as result of work-related accident.