§§ 1,2

C. 23:4-42.1



P.L. 1997, CHAPTER 123, approved June 20, 1997

Assembly, No. 1932 (Third Reprint)





An Act concerning permits issued to control crop damage caused by deer and supplementing Title 23 of the Revised Statutes.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


    1. Notwithstanding 1the provisions of R.S.23:4-45 or1 any 1other1 law, rule, regulation, or provision of the State Fish and Game Code to the contrary, whenever a permit is issued by the State to a person to kill deer causing crop damage 1on land under cultivation pursuant to R.S.23:4-421, it shall be lawful for the permittee or authorized agent thereof, for the purposes authorized by the permit and only while on the land or lands 1under cultivation which are1 owned or leased by that 2[person] permittee2 1, but not on or along any public highway adjacent thereto,1 and for which the permit is issued, to:

    a. Kill either sex deer at any time of day or night 3, except that the Fish and Game Council may impose such restrictions thereon as may be necessary to protect the general public3;

    b. 3[Discharge a firearm 1authorized pursuant to R.S.23:4-441 from a motor vehicle or any other kind of vehicle 2provided the vehicle has come to a complete stop2;

    c.]3 Transport, possess, have in the permittee's or agent's control, or keep firearms 1authorized pursuant to R.S.23:4-441 uncased, 3[loaded] unloaded3, and outside the trunk while in or on a motor vehicle or any other kind of vehicle 3[2notwithstanding the provisions of N.J.S.2C:39-6 to the contrary2]3 ;

    3[d.] c.3 Utilize an illuminating device or devices, including but not limited to a spotlight, flashlight, floodlight, or headlight, whether

 portable or fixed to a motor vehicle or any other kind of vehicle, to locate and stun deer; and

    3[e.] d.3 Be assisted by the use of a driver for the motor vehicle or other kind of vehicle, and by a person or persons operating the illuminating device or devices, none of whom shall be required to possess a firearms purchaser identification card while providing such assistance.


    22. The Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife shall include in its annual report the number of deer killed pursuant to permits issued for the purposes set forth in R.S.23:4-42.2


    2[2.] 3.2 This act shall take effect immediately.





Removes certain conditions imposed on permits to kill deer causing crop damage.