P.L. 1997, CHAPTER 127, approved June 23, 1997

Senate, No. 264








An Act concerning the qualification of certain persons to serve as jurors and amending N.J.S.2B:20-1.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


    1. N.J.S.2B:20-1 is amended to read as follows:

    2B:20-1. Qualifications of jurors

    Every person summoned as a juror:

    a. shall be 18 years of age or older;

    b. shall be able to read and understand the English language;

    c. shall be a citizen of the United States;

    d. shall be a resident of the county in which the person is summoned;

    e. shall not [be serving a sentence of imprisonment, or be on probation or parole, as a result of a conviction] have been convicted of any indictable offense under the laws of this State, another state, or the United States;

    f. shall not have any mental or physical disability which will prevent the person from properly serving as a juror.

(cf: P.L.1995, c.44, s.1)


    2. This act shall take effect immediately.




Excludes persons convicted of indictable offenses from jury duty.