C. 40:55D-68.4



P.L. 1997, CHAPTER 339, approved January 12, 1998

Assembly, No. 111



An Act concerning rentals of single rooms in residential dwellings owned by senior citizens and supplementing Title 40 of the Revised Statutes.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


    1. Notwithstanding any law, ordinance, rule or regulation to the contrary, a municipality shall not prohibit any senior citizen, who is the owner of a single-family dwelling which is his primary residence, from renting or leasing a room or rooms within that dwelling, together with general use associated with that dwelling, to one person, except that nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit a municipality from allowing the rental or leasing to more than one person.


    2. For the purposes of this act, a "senior citizen" is any person who has attained the age of 62 years on or after the effective date of this act, or the spouse of that person, or the surviving spouse of that person, if the surviving spouse is 55 years of age or older.


    3. Nothing in this act shall be interpreted to limit the powers of a municipality to enforce applicable provisions of any laws, ordinances and regulations relating to fire safety, and public health and welfare.


    4. This act shall take effect immediately.




Permits senior citizens to rent a room in their homes to one person under certain circumstances.