P.L. 1997, CHAPTER 381, approved January 19, 1998

Senate, No. 1435 (Second Reprint)





An Act concerning certain at-fault accidents and amending P.L.1990, c.8.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


    1. Section 26 of P.L.1990, c.8 (C.17:33B-14) is amended to read as follows:

    26. The commissioner shall, within 90 days of the effective date of this act, promulgate a schedule of automobile insurance eligibility points by rule or regulation adopted pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.). The schedule shall assess a point valuation to driving experience related violations and shall include assessments for violations of lawful speed limits within such increments as determined by the commissioner, other moving violations, and at-fault accidents. For the purposes of this section, an "at-fault accident" means an at-fault accident which results in payment by the insurer of at least a $500 claim; except that an at-fault accident shall not mean an accident occurring as a result of operation of any motor vehicle 2[1with a visible flashing blue light1]2 in response to a medical emergency if the operator at the time of the accident was a physician responding to the medical emergency.

(cf: P.L.1990, c.8, s.26)


    2. This act shall take effect immediately.




Provides exception to definition of "at-fault accident" for accidents involving physicians responding to medical emergencies using flashing blue light.