P.L. 1997, CHAPTER 55, approved April 1, 1997

Senate, No. 1484 (First Reprint)





An Act concerning certain youthful offenders and amending P.L.1995, c.330.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


    1. Section 3 of P.L.1995, c.330 (C.52:17B-183) is amended to read as follows:

    3. As used in this act:

    a. "Commission" means the Juvenile Justice Commission in, but not of, the Department of Law and Public Safety established pursuant to P.L.1995, c.284 (C.52:17B-169 et seq.).

    b. "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections.

    c. "Juvenile offender" means a person at least 14 years old at the time of disposition who has been adjudicated delinquent for an act which, if committed by an adult, would constitute a crime, excluding an adjudication for any act which would constitute a crime of the first degree or a crime under chapter 14 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes.

    d. "Youthful offender" means a person between 18 and 1[26] 301 years of age who has been convicted of a crime [of the third or fourth degree or convicted of a crime of the second degree but sentenced pursuant to paragraph (2) of subsection f. of N.J.S.2C:44-1 to a term appropriate to a crime of the third degree], excluding any person convicted of:

    (1) a crime of the first degree;

    (2) a crime under chapter 14 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes;

    (3) [or convicted of any] a crime which requires the imposition of a mandatory term of imprisonment without eligibility for parole, unless

the person has less than one year of the mandatory portion of the sentence remaining; or

    (4) a crime of the second degree under any of the following: N.J.S.2C:11-4, N.J.S.2C:12-1, N.J.S.2C:13-1, N.J.S.2C:15-1, N.J.S.2C:18-2 or N.J.S.2C:39-4 for possession of a weapon with the purpose of using it unlawfully against the person of another.

(cf: P.L.1995, c.330, s.3)


    2. This act shall take effect immediately.





Broadens the pool of youthful offenders eligible for participation in the "Stabilization and Reintegration Program."