SENATE, No. 2155







By Senator MARTIN



An Act concerning the State Highway System, amending P.L.1965, c.60, and repealing P.L.1955, c.255, P.L.1967, c.87, P.L.1967, c.142 and P.L.1971, c.287.


    Be It Enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:


    1. Section 1 of P.L.1965, c.60 (C.27:6-1) is amended to read as follows:

    1. The State Highway Commissioner is authorized, as soon as practical, to add to the State Highway system a new route, designated as Route 90 Freeway, beginning at a point in or near the proposed new bridge over the Delaware river in the township of Pennsauken in Camden county, and extending generally [southeasterly to a point on Route 73 east of the New Jersey Turnpike in Burlington county] easterly to Route 73.

(cf: P.L.1965, c.60, s.1)


    2. P.L.1955, c.255, P.L.1967 c.87, P.L.1967, c.142 and P.L.1971, c.287 are repealed.


    3. This act shall take effect immediately.





    This bill dedesignates three unbuilt routes on the State Highway System and changes the end limits on another route. The purpose of these measures is to allow the Commissioner of Transportation to sell or otherwise dispose of various parcels of land associated with unbuilt portions of these routes. Various parcels of land associated with the unbuilt routes and route segments affected by this bill were originally acquired by the Department of Transportation for highway construction purposes.

    The unbuilt routes which are dedesignated by repealing their authorizing statutes are Route 31 Freeway (P.L.1955, c.255), Route 75 Freeway (P.L.1967, c.87) and Route 178 Freeway (P.L.1967, c.142 and P.L.1971, c.287). The route which has its end limit changed to eliminate an unbuilt portion is Route 90 Freeway.

    The parcels of land affected by the legislation are located as follows: in the City of Newark approximately 4 acres of land previously allocated for the Route 75 Freeway; in the municipalities of Lawrence, Ewing and Hopewell in the county of Mercer, approximately 120 acres of land previously allocated for Route 169 or 31 Freeway; and in the municipalities of Hanover and Morris in the county of Morris, approximately 23 acres of land previously allocated for Route 178 Freeway. The authorizing statutes for these routes are repealed by this bill. In addition, approximately 76 acres of land in the municipalities of Moorestown and Cinnaminson in the county of Burlington, previously allocated for Route 90 Freeway pursuant to P.L.1965, c.60, are affected by this bill.





Dedesignates or alters certain routes in State Highway System.