SENATE, No. 2203


with committee amendments




DATED: JUNE 16, 1997


      The Senate Law and Public Safety Committee reports favorably and with committee amendments Senate Bill No. 2203.

      This bill, as amended by the committee, establishes a Parole Advisory Board in, but not of, the Bureau of Parole. The board would review and comment on the development and implementation of supervision issues, drug and alcohol treatment programs for parolees and other issues as requested by the Commissioner of Corrections. The advisory board is to pass on any recommendations it may have on these matters to the Commissioner of Corrections, the Parole Board, the Governor and the Legislature. It would also sponsor conferences with criminal justice administrators and community members, including treatment providers, on a variety of related issues.

      The panel would consist of 23 members, representing a wide variety of agencies and organizations that have an interest in supervision and treatment programs for parolees. It will include two members of each house of the Legislature appointed by their respective leaders. The board would, from among its members, select a chairman and vice-chairman.

      In the course of reviewing and commenting on its findings and recommendations, the board would be encouraged to consider the Bureau of Parole's research findings regarding these matters. It would utilize the staff resources of the Bureau of Parole and meet at least semiannually.

      The committee amended the bill to clarify the duties of the advisory board. The board would review and comment on supervision issues rather than standards, and the development and implementation of drug and alcohol treatment programs for only parolees, not inmates.

      This bill is based on a recommendation of the Governor's Study Commission on Parole.

      As amended and released by the committee, this bill is identical to Assembly Bill No. 25 (1R) which also was amended and released by the committee on this date.