State House Complex Parking Changes

Construction of the Capitol State Park and archaeological exploration of Petty’s Run will necessitate the elimination of the surface lot at the rear of the State House. This change will affect parking for the State House Complex, and the War Memorial.

In order to assist visitors to Trenton in accessing free and for-fee alternative parking facilities, maps and brochures are available at, a Web site hosted by the Trenton Downtown Association, which has an image of each parking garage as well as hours of operation and costs.

Additional information regarding parking in the State House Complex Garage is provided below.

Daytime State House Complex Visitors

State employees visiting the State House Complex on official business will be authorized to park in the State House garage.

State agencies renting the War Memorial for daytime training will be provided with one-day passes for access to the State House Garage for their employees.

Persons using the Thomas Edison State College (TESC) townhouse   classrooms will be relocated to the State House garage using the same system currently in place with the State Police.

Visitors to the State House Complex will be accommodated subject to appropriate identification and space availability.

Night and Weekend Public Parking for War Memorial Patrons

Parking Lots 5 and 5A will continue to be available to evening and weekend patrons of the War Memorial.

The 317 paved parking places currently available to War Memorial Theater patrons on the surface lot will be replaced by free access to the 414 spaces available on Level 2 of the State House garage. New signage will be installed on Level 2 of the garage to provide directions to the ground level exit/entry to the garage.