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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 205
Page 1 of 11

Assembly Appropriations
A105 Extends certain federal income tax advantages of individual health savings accounts to individual taxpayers under the New Jersey gross income tax.
A218 Concerns training of employees about access to public facilities for individuals with service or guide dogs.
A320 Requires Department of Treasury to review and approve digital payment platform.*
A504 Consolidates all categories of gross income for cross-claiming of net losses and allows 20 year loss carryforward under the New Jersey gross income tax; repeals alternate business income calculation.
A510 Allows gross income tax deduction for firearms training expenses paid by law enforcement officers.
A648 Establishes a gross income tax credit for certain firefighter training graduates.
A655 Provides for preparation and distribution of written notice to senior citizens concerning risks and prevention of fraud and identity theft.*
A672 Limits patient information behavioral health care providers may disclose to health insurance carriers.
A678 Establishes certification program for zoning officers and land use board administrators.
A727 Provides gross income tax exclusion for capital gains from sale of certain employer securities by qualified businesses that result in net positive benefit to State.
A733 Provides sales and use tax exemption for sales of fuel cell devices and systems and certain tangible personal property powered by fuel cells.
A793 Directs Juvenile Justice Commission to establish arts education pilot program for juvenile offenders.
A804 Requires State and county correctional facilities to offer inmates hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing.
A837 Makes $240,000 supplemental appropriation to Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Commission.
A839 Increases benefit amounts incrementally under New Jersey earned income tax credit program from 40 percent to 100 percent for resident individuals who cannot claim qualifying child.
A840 Enhances benefit provided under New Jersey earned income tax credit program by treating a qualifying relative as a qualifying child.
A841 Increases benefit amounts under New Jersey earned income tax credit program from 40 percent to 50 percent.
A856 Expands Medicaid coverage regarding assistive devices for hearing impaired under certain circumstances.
A886 Provides transition period of 90 days during which building service employees subject to certain building service transfers must be retained.
A920 Converts loan awarded to Barnegat Bay Decoy and Baymen's Museum from loan to grant.




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