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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 54
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Assembly Budget
A238 Directs the Division of Taxation to produce instructional materials on the appropriate gross income tax treatment of certain deferred compensation plans.
A465 Increases annual income limit for eligibility to receive homestead property tax reimbursement.
A467 Increases income eligibility limit for homestead property tax reimbursement program.
A478 "Transparency in Government Act"; provides for establishment of State public finance website.
A479 Requires interpretive statements of State general obligation bond act public questions to include certain fiscal information.
A496 Allows gross income tax deduction for charitable contributions to certain New Jersey-based charitable organizations.
A902 Eliminates the New Jersey inheritance tax and repeals chapters 33 through 37 of Title 54 of the Revised Statutes.
A931 Eliminates the New Jersey Transfer Inheritance Tax and repeals parts of chapters 33 through 37 of Title 54 of the Revised Statutes.
A1115 Allows gross income tax deduction for charitable contributions to certain State-based charitable organizations.
A1137 Requires certain health care plans to be offered by SEHBP and local boards of education; requires SEHBP commission to establish employee contribution rates for certain plans; requires local boards of education provide certain information on health care benefits.
A1142 "Zero-Based Budget Act;" requires State Treasurer to develop and integrate certain zero-based budgeting practices and procedures in preparation and submission of Governor's annual budget message.
A1227 Establishes a joint legislative and executive branch New Jersey Revenue Advisory Board to provide consensus revenue forecasting advice for State budget purposes.
A1275 Excludes certain services rendered in connection with installation of carpeting and other flooring from sales and use tax.
A1284 Restricts authority to terminate reciprocal personal income tax agreements with other states.
A1349 Makes FY 2018 supplemental appropriation of $165,950,000 from the revenues and other funds of NJ Transportation Trust Fund Authority.
A1455 Establishes annual sales tax holiday for certain sales of personal computers and certain sales of school supplies and equipment during first full weekend of August.
A1471 Requires State Treasurer to organize and publish certain contract and grant data and information on State expenditure Internet website.
A1569 Prohibits State from investing pension and annuity funds in manufacturers of firearms or firearm ammunition.
A1792 Phases out the transfer inheritance tax over two years.
A1829 Establishes surplus revenue reserve account in the Property Tax Relief Fund if certain levels of unanticipated gross income tax revenue are collected.




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