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Main Bill Information
2020-2021 Legislative Session
Total records: 67
Page 1 of 4

Assembly Community Development and Affairs
A124 Prohibits the imposition of affordable housing need and related fees upon the local transfer or move of a business.
A127 Eliminates supplemental realty transfer fee and one percent fee on transfers of certain commercial real estate and tax on sale of controlling interests in certain commercial real property.
A359 Reauthorizes use of regional contribution agreements.
A421 Terminates imposition of general purpose fee under realty transfer fee and one percent assessment on purchases of residential real property selling for more than $1,000,000.
A425 Permits short-term tax exemption for certain improvements to dwellings damaged by natural disasters.
A431 Eliminates supplemental realty transfer fee.
A432 Exempts senior citizens and blind or disabled persons from certain realty transfer fees.
A464 "Homestead School Property Tax Reimbursement Act"; provides State reimbursement for 50% of school property taxes paid by seniors, 65 years and older.
A789 Prohibits seller of real estate to transfer realty transfer fee liability to buyer.
A913 Extends payment of homestead property tax reimbursement to non-eligible surviving spouse for portion of tax year during which deceased spouse lived.
A1048 Provides for increase in relocation assistance amounts based on increase of CPI.
A1278 Authorizes conversion of certain office parks and retail centers to mixed-use developments.
A1424 Establishes "Senior Citizen Home Repair and Modification Program"; appropriates $10 million.
A1778 Allocates nondedicated portion of State realty transfer fee collections to municipal property tax relief.
A1959 Establishes program providing grants for Superstorm Sandy recovery in exchange for reduction of affordable housing obligation.
A3058 Authorizes expenditures from open space trust funds to develop or maintain recreation and conservation land although the land was not acquired by the municipality.
A3245 Provides for voluntary contributions to the "Homelessness Prevention Program" through real estate sales.
A3332 Requires municipalities to share certain payments in lieu of property taxes with school districts; informs counties, school districts, and DCA of certain information related to property tax exemptions and abatements.
A3561 "Historic Property Reinvestment Act"; provides credits against certain taxes for certain costs of rehabilitating historic properties.
A3618 Requires certain local authorities to inspect, maintain, and repair fire hydrants in planned real estate developments.




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